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Never subordinate the Source

The First Fundamental Bright Reality Law—which is the Primal Law = Never subordinate the Source

"The tradition of Truth, the tradition of Spiritual and Transcendental Realization, is the tradition of the Adept-Realizers. Apart from the Adepts, there is no tradition of Truth."


Adi Da Love Ananda: "This is the Great Rule, the Great Law, the Ultimate Principle of the Great Tradition of humankind. Devotional allegiance to the Adept-Realizer, or Spiritual Master, is the greatest function of existence and the single advantage not only of human beings but of all beings. The devotional relationship to the Spiritual Master is participation in a unique function that appears in the realm of cosmic (or conditional) Nature. . . .The Spiritual Master is a Transparent Reminder of the Divine Reality, a Guide to the ecstatic Realization of the One Reality in Which all conditions arise and change and pass away. The Spiritual Master is not to be made into the merely “objectified” idol of a cult**, as if the Divine Being were exclusively contained in the “objective” person and “subjective” beliefs of a particular sect**.Rather, right relationship to the Spiritual Master takes the form of free devotional response to the Spiritual Master’s Radiant State."

“Adept-Realizers Are The Root of All Esoteric Traditions” from The Aletheon


Adi Da Love Ananda "As the ego-“I”, you function as the body does with reference to Consciousness Itself—in ignorance of the Consciousness-Position. It is as if the cells of the physical body “meet” together in order to determine how they are going to “dictate”—in an entirely insubordinate manner—the pattern of existence for Consciousness Itself! Then, Consciousness, without direct and intuitive understanding of Its Own Condition, “goes along” with these “demands”—as if the body were, in fact, the Identity of Consciousness Itself. Such is the essence of egoity. For Consciousness to Wake Up to Its Own Self-Position (or to Recognize Its Own State) Is Divine Self-Realization. However, Divine Self-Realization is not merely a mental process. Rather, Divine Self Realization Is, necessarily, a Transcendental Spiritual process. And the Real Transcendental Spiritual process requires the orientation of devotion—which is the orientation to What Is Beyond the “self”-knot. To embrace the life of devotion to Me, My devotee must cease to “grant” the body (or the total body-mind-complex, or the complex psycho-physical totality) the “right” to “design” the pattern of his other existence. In Reality, the body is not senior to Consciousness Itself. In Reality, Consciousness Itself Is Senior—subordinate to nothing and no one."


"However, in the human “world”, everything is patterned by ego. Once the ego-pattern “gets rolling”, it replicates itself automatically. For that pattern to be corrected, you must become aware of what you (as ego) are doing, and you must change your act—and you must be culturally obliged, by means of systematic accountability, to change your act (based on right “self”-observation and right “self”-understanding). All of this is required in order for the Transcendental Spiritual process to be Real—and It cannot be otherwise. Without My Divine Avataric Intrusion into your life, your ego pattern merely replicates itself endlessly, relative to everything whatsoever—and you remain trapped in the ego-possessed domain of “point of view”. The ego-patterning of each individual human being, and even the collective ego-patterning of humanity as whole, is ceaselessly replicated—very much in the manner of cellular reproduction. The fundamental by-Me-Revealed and by-Me-Given Law of true Spiritual life (and even of true human life) is this: Never subordinate the Source. If that fundamental Law is discarded, there is not anything that is right. As soon as that one Law is cancelled, the ego pattern starts taking over everything, in the manner of cellular reproduction. The ego manifests itself virtually infinitely, in a checkerboard pattern that replicates its own state and position.


“The Mirror and The Checkerboard” from The Aletheon


Adi Da: "The ego* is Godless and Guruless. The ego is characterize by insubordination, dissociation, the avoidance of relationship. It is a “self”-contracted pseudo-entity, an illusion. The rightening of human existence is about out-growing that, being moved past it, beyond it, into a rightly subordinated life—not merely subordinated to an “other” (so to speak), but to the Non-“other” That Is Reality Itself and That Is Divine and That Is Master. Therefore, Adidam Ruchiradam is characterized by a culture that is Mastered by the Divine, whereas the “world” is characterized by insubordination. Even though it may, in many cases, be full of words about “God”, the ego-“world” is Godless. It is subordinating That Which Is Divine to itself, and is (therefore) insubordinate and insubordinate and indulges in desecration, falseness, and illusion.


Therefore, out-growing the insubordinate character of the egois not merely about petty rightness or the conventions of ego-based obedience (which are simply a kind of egoically “self”-deluded uptightness and righteousness). It is not about that. It is about surrender, and being rightened, and being drawn into the Transcendental Sphere of the Divine egolessness of Reality Itself. It is a Great Profundity."  —


*the "ego" is an action/act, pattern, psuedo false identity.... not an entity.


**"wrong relationship" (insubordinating the Source) to all of Adi Da's Leela and Treasures is this mummery act, no matter who you are, what your history has been or what role one plays in and as "form".



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