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New Paradigm=New Agreement In Prior Unity


Carolyn Lee: "This forum would serve the common interests of all of humankind, because it would operate on the basis of the new paradigm of prior unity, which would grant it a unique and inherent moral integrity."


During the 2018/2019 New Year transition, many continuing questions and challenges were discussed in dialog with the "Gurukula" and most all of Adi Da's core human "intimates". These matters especially came to a head on the 10th anniversary of Beloved Adi Da's Mahasamadhi. 


These questions and challenges were not new except that the egoically created and patterned individual and collective dramatizations that subordinated Adi Da were ever more grotesquely obvious and allowed. All of this without any formal collective agreement to operate as Adi Da Asked in order to hold ALL devotees accountable to His DIRECT Governance.


The inability of ANY single devotee or group of devotees to rightly relate to Him before His Mahasamadhi, was a root esoteric criticism He repeatedly, Urgently SHOUTED about.  Why? He disclosed the Fact that this most esoteric necessity was not Obvious or Actualized in the recognition responsive Signs required of True devotees. This falling short absence, He Said, would be the reason He would leave His Body. He also indicated, He could not acknowledge ANY True and Free Renunciate (RSO) devotees practicing the Perfect Practice which was and is the True devotee anchoring/linking necessary in and for His Demonstration of Divine Translation. 


He kept Asking for a new collective AGREEMENT (transformative turn about and accountability for each and all devotees) to embrace the NEW paradigm of fully tacit and tangible Cooperation + Tolerance = Peace (C+T=P), via the effective establishment of the Adidam Cooperative Forum. 


I was able to ask Quandra Sukhapur, at that time, over and over again, directly and via her representatives about why His Instructions about how accountability for how ALL roles of leadership and service within the formal gathering were not followed. 


The answer was astounding, while also an obvious unconscious confession of duplicity in the very dramatization of revisionism that had taken further hold of Adi Da's Treasures and Work after His MahaSamadhi.


The answer was:

"Adidam is not a democracy. It is a hierarchy of authority. The RSO is accountable to no one. C+T=P is a social calling given to the world, not to devotees."


At this time, a presentation by Brian O’Mahony was made to the gathering around these matters. The gathering AGREED to accept this. And still is agreeing. Why? The NEW agreement Adi Da Asked ALL devotees to be responsible for ensuring, outlined in Not-Two Is Peace and the 9 Laws of Radical Devotion, has yet to be most fully Considered, organized and to take hold, as the rightening He Asked for. Most all devotees do not seem to agree that this transformation is necessary or possible.



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