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No End to Pressing Through and Beyond

Da Love Ananda (1998) :

"You are hardly noticing anything about what is really going on. You are not aware of its total content or possibility. You have whatever ‘experience’ you do notice, but you are not aware of the rest of it. And you are trying to make life and philosophy, and everything else, out of this little specimen of ‘experience’ that you are aware of. Instead of making philosophy out of that little piece of the Totality, you must understand it and transcend it. Then, perhaps, more of this ‘iceberg’ will show itself, and you will have to deal with that.

All ‘experience’ is limitation. All ‘knowledge’ is limitation. The process of Ultimate Realization is a matter of directly transcending limitation. There is no end to it, no end to the number of limitations you can realize by activating attention—waking, dreaming, or sleeping. It is all limitations. Whatever you do become aware of is just a fraction of the Totality that is nonetheless always active

The Great Process is a matter of really observing yourself and coming to an understanding of this submission to ‘experience’, submission to limitation, and becoming capable of transcending it—in order to Realize That within Which even the whole is arising. So there is no end to ego-transcending practice in My Company, in other words, until such practice becomes Perfect. And you should not settle for anything.

Whatever you ‘experience’ today, your depth of meditation, or your level of practice, or depth of practice today should not become for you the description of what it should be the next moment, or the next hour, or the next day, or five years from now. You should always be pressing through and beyond the present-time limitations, whatever they are. Ego-transcending practice is the pressing."


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