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Only IF Re-generation Happens


Since Adi Da's Mahasamadhi there has been an institutionally organized, fearful, protective attempt to exclusively "know order and own His Work". Along with establishing many boundaries in an attempt to differentiate itself from and  "ignore" the "world".  And thus dramatize the  dissociative act as if "it" (self and world) does not "exist".


These philosophically pronounced pre-mature assumptions are the antithesis of Divine Self Recognition.


It is the Open Eyed Samadhi that is the Re-generation of Amrita Nadi that is Adi Da and Adidam. Not merely the fall into the Heart to Stand Free as Witness Consciousness. 


Adi Da Love Ananda: In the maturity of human life, the "world" is not abandoned, nor is it lived as the scene of adolescent theatre, the adventure in dilemma. "God-Apart" occupies the child, and "separate self" occupies the adolescent — and both child and adolescent see the "world" only in terms of their own distinct limiting principle (or characteristic form of suffering). . . in the mature human being, the "world" — or the totality of all arising ("subjective" and "objective", high and low), not as an exclusive "reality" but in Truth — is primary. In the mature individual, the "world" is (potentially) apprehended as a modification of the Single, Indivisible, Absolute, Non-separate Reality — implying no "separate self" and no "outside God". For such a one, the Absolute Reality and the "world" are not "different".


This Radical Understanding is Awakened in Bright Satsang (Listening Hearing and Seeing) and Most Perfectly Realized to be so through intensive sadhana AS A sangha (only IF the sangha is True and Free in Actualized demonstration as Instrumentality). 


The integrity of this necessity characterizes the "struggle" of the collective. Posturing is what characterizes the present standoff and stalemate rather than the collective NEW agreement to all inclusively yield into Adi Da's Brightness Alone as the One and Only DIRECT Governing Authority. 


A primary sign of Instrumentality is Transparency. When will this required sign be obvious? Where are the numbers of devotees asking for this Authentication?




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