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Open Eyes I AM As You Are

Upon waking this morning I noticed the enjoyment of Being in Love Blissful Bright Communion. This is not uncommon. Going into the meditation hall or doing a puja or reading the teaching or sliding my fingers over my mala is not necessary (yet always supportive and as installation service) to be established Here Awake. However, synchronously I also noticed all the body- mind-self mechanisms "kick into gear". Habits being perpetuated, should I grant them attention. I choose self radical root devotion that is self observation, feeling awareness and "do not recoil". Self Understanding enables remaining IN Bright Love as consistency and sustenance. "No matter what arises or does not arise".  While the Love Blissful Being, merely present, lives and breaths and Is Being and "making use" of this servant. Consistently. Bright Being is not an other/Other to a separate "me"; for IN Love As Only One is obvious. The obviousness, the effortless noticing  corresponds to Ever Living Leelas of acknowledgment that cannot be forgotten. 

Thus, I remembered the moments Bright Beloved Da Love Ananda, as we embraced, in all the many ways possible (gross, subtle and causal in waking, dreaming and sleeping), Acknowledged, Blessed, Loved my response to Him, As Unqualified Love. Wherein, true responsive devotion was not revealed as being passive (as in inactive) but very obvious as a Love Act. Synchronously spontaneous.  Being and doing the Truth act of devotional participation and reciprocation.  Lovers As One. This is how Bright Yoga IS magnification and outshining of the act of egoity that causes separation. 

This morning, as usual, I continued, consciously, actively to allow (conscious process and conductivity) and be IN LOVE As Bright Yoga. Atma Nadi Shakti Yoga. All structures illuminated and moved, opened, aligned, fallen responsively IN Bright Love.

Does this confession mean anything at all? No. Is this confession about a separate "me"? No. Is this a valuation or pronouncement about Most Perfect Divine Self Realization and all the corresponding signs, individually and collectively required to be so? No. Is there a cultural mechanism in place for a true process of evaluation and consideration that I am welcomed into and fully embraced? No. Am I self concerned about this failure in need of acknowledgment? No.

Later as I reviewed the daily "Prayer Rug" offering, this is what I beheld from Adi Da:

"The Realization of Truth is not a matter of heavy, ‘self’-involved, constricted, willful effort. It is as natural as a simple response to sunlight. It is simply the devotional relationship to Me, the intelligent life of Real practice. Truly, what you bring to Me is not your dilemma. The dilemma has no real existence. You may be preoccupied with it, but I pay no homage to it. It is of no ultimate consequence what the content of your dilemma appears to be in any moment.

Truly, what people bring to Me is their Intuition of Reality Itself. It is simply that they are not consciously living on the basis of that Intuition. Nevertheless, that Intuition is the very premise of their lives. And, so, they come to Me—the Sun to their deep-seated Intuition, the One Who Transmits that Intuition—and I Draw their Intuition into this instant. Only the seeker takes the dilemma seriously. The waking state does not take your dreams seriously. It is not the least concerned with your dreams. And, fortunately, all beings are already alive with the Intuition of Reality.

Therefore, all beings have an affinity with Sunlight, with the True Waking State—with Me. Limitless Reality, the Love-Bliss-Fullness of My ‘Bright’ Divine Self-Condition, is What they are already living—and that is What is consciously discovered in the devotional relationship to Me. Because you Always Already Inhere in My Love-Bliss-Fullness, I Draw you to Myself.”

It is the Intuition of Reality Itself that inexorably draws people to Me, that leads them to maintain themselves in My Divine Avataric Company. All apparent ‘reasons’ for holding on to Me fall away, and also all the apparent ‘reasons’ for not holding on to Me. None of these reasons has any ultimate significance.

It is your inherent affinity for Truth, your Intuition of the Divine Self-Condition of the Living Divine Heart Itself that is entirely responsible for the practice in My Divine Avataric Company.

When you become less concerned with your particular search, your inwardness, your adventure, then you have simply become more sensitive to your Real Condition. You have felt the sunlight falling on your sleeping eyes.

When your eyes have opened in the morning light, everything will be obvious to you—and you will know that you have never slept, that you have never dreamed, that you have never been limited to any thing that has appeared. You have never been limited to any condition that you have presumed. There was always only Reality Itself, the True Divine Self-Nature of all-and-All—Which Is Love-Bliss-Happiness Itself, Consciousness Itself, the Limitless Presence of Reality Itself, Truth Itself, and Real God. I Am That.”  

The Gorilla Sermon Album was the context wherein I was Awakened into the motion of combining and coinciding with Bright Siddha Adi Da in 1975, as a responsive action of being Moved by the Divine Heart Grace of Bubba Free John. I fell IN LOVE in all ways. Actively responsively, forever more. Awakened. 

Most Perfect Realization is a certainty. The Bond cannot be broken. Only the ego act chooses and adds time fragments and separative space exclusives. 


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