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Passing on Bright Prasad

This (below) was written in response to recently being given "confidential" Notes.

It is useful to reflect to all devotees, especially the "formal authorities", that in reality, there is a constant sharing of gifts/prasad and communications from Franklin, Bubba, Heart Master Da, Beloved, Da Love Ananda, Adi Da, Bhagavan presently and this has been so over ALL the years of Adi Da’s Life and Divine Work! This reciprocation process has not stopped and never will. It cannot be owned and controlled. I (and many, many others) have for many, many years studied "confidential" Notes and shared them.

This fruitless authoritarian legal clamp down only increases a counter balance that is a True Heart impulse. Thus the "authorities" create the "black market" (of Truth Itself) and then punish Beloved Adi Da, devotees and the world for passing on Bright Prasad. Especially because governance and leadership have not yet been authenticated by the collective and are therefore not trustable.

AND because the organization is soooo small, very little is going out. AND the narrative has been falsified.

This has become a silly, egoically created, play along game, of cultic insiders/outsiders, secrets, confidentiality, privacy, ownership and control among all the gathering; world wide.

This freely (without contextualization) sharing has also been prominent among the intimate, privileged minority, who feel they have more of a right to access/share all His Treasures in a way "others" do not or cannot. Some of these are "His intimates" (His “inner court”). Many others are just “outside” and directly associated with the “inner court”. Others are further removed from direct access yet many of these remain implicated and involved. All of this is where no laws/Law applies (not referring to conventionally agreed upon laws). Family, blood, history, proximity and identity rules (life times worth).

This is another example of not "setting things right", Truly so. The present manner of attempting to fulfill laws/Law is not governed as Beloved (in detail) Asked to be done. Therefore, it is inauspicious, ineffectual, and gross minded and delusional. These games mock Beloved, the Process and one another.

This could so easily change through loosing face in unqualified relationship; Satsang as a Sangha.

No governance or leadership is serving as a demonstration of this Bright Freedom .

The "not so funny, is it" joke is on all of us and tragically scapegoats Bhagavan Da Love Ananda.

I am not being sarcastic here, nor jabbing anyone in particular. All devotees are implicated. This is mummery and is actually still our collective mode of operating.

Governance and leadership and devotees are not doing what their Bright functions are meant to be. All are still not inherently Divinely Self aligned in enough numbers/order; yet.


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