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Performance Assisted Bright Installation

Be sure to watch the video "An Introduction to Avatar Adi Da Samraj" on the Adi Da Foundation website


Adi Da's life IS THE eternally active, performance assisted installation of Bright Divine Self Revelation that is Reality Realization Itself, Truth Itself (of All and all) and inclusive of everyone and everything. 


Also enjoy this link. 


 Adi Da wrote: "And, when their tears were all pulled up, from the final peg that measured both their feeling-hearts—and natural exhaustions dried the mortal source of Loved-Ones-Well—Raymond’s Quandra sleeped away.

And Raymond put her—Deep and down—within the would-be-Wedding-bed of grass. And—as a Bridegroom might have bent, to flatten, neat, his drowned Bride’s funerary pall—he smoothed her flower-of-gowns. And walked—away.”

The Mummery 2006






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