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"Performance Assisted" Bright Yoga

A true mystic Baul devotee, demonstrates and inspires the "performance assisted" development of Yoga required for the consistent dance of Ananda as Realized in this unique Baul tradition (see link below) Adidam devotees are Given the Gift that Dances the Heart and whole bodily being, from the beginning, of Ruchira Avatara Bhakti Yoga. Therein, ego-self transcending Yoga Is intrinsically Outshining the seeking act and ego self applied efforts. Thus the 7th Way, Radical Root Yoga is Priorly Perfected, Self Authenticated, wherein the seeming trap of the act that appears as the ego knot of separate self identification and attention/energy is undone.

The non-dual Dance is Divine Self Liberation. Divine Self, Love Ananda recognition, is Magnified As the Only One Who Is. Divine Self Awakening Is the Perpetual Bright Yoga of any and every Adi Da devotee, Eternally. Only One, All and all, everyone and everything recognized in the Fire of Outshining Brightness Alone. The ecstatic Bright Da Love Ananda Water Dance is Eternally One and Only (no separate self even as conditions continue to arise). This is the Open Eyed Dance of Atma Nadi Shakti Yoga.

"Performance assisted" dancing (right life) as developmental adaptation In Priorly Perfect Bright Sadhana is required.

Adi Da Samraj (Spoken on Nukubati Island, Fiji 1983)

“The ego-‘I’ is ‘self’-destructive and ‘other’-destructive. The ego-‘I’ is a cornered rat. The ‘self’-contraction confines the ‘self’ to a lesser principle of existence, a separate being. Everything associated with it, then, becomes a kind of surrounding, a kind of trap, a confinement. You alternate between the ‘self’-doubting, ‘self’-destructive orientation, and the ‘other’-doubting, ‘other’-destructive orientation until you become responsible, through ‘self’-observation, for this confinement, this knot of egoity, and become coincident with the Totality of Existence, Divine Existence. Then you can begin to grow again, and not only in human terms, in the ordinary sense, but Spiritually, in the highest human terms.”

"In Marpa’s biography, relative to his disciple Milarepa, he said that if he could only have brought his Spiritual son to despair one more time, utter despair one more time, Milarepa would not have had to be reborn. What is there to despair of? The ego, the ‘self’-contraction, its total design, its motivation, its destiny, its purposes, its commitments. Even in the case of those who are relatively purified—purified beyond the level of ordinary people—they are still possessed of this fierce demon of separate ‘self’. You must despair of it utterly. Utterly. That does not mean that you must become chronically desperate. It means, in the case of utter despair, that you relinquish it. And in that case, you are not sitting with nothing, but, rather, you coincide with the Grace of the Divine and are able to learn through Its Help.”


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