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Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

Very early on, when Bright Adi Da began teaching, based upon people spontaneously gathering around him because of his unspoken transmission and spoken wisdom, he was required to address student's regarding the cultural and organizational form that was beginning to be created by those who wanted to be near him. They wanted to establish a place where he could teach and help him  publish his work and to communicate the Bright. 

What Adi Da addresses below was a fundamental  communication he made to the gathering around him throughout all the years until the day he took Mahasamadhi.

Why? His devotees never acted upon this most profound insight by creating the collective form of governance and organization in right relationship to Reality Itself as the Self and Source Condition. 

To this very day, the entire gathering of devotees has failed to ensure this rightening in relationship to Source, governance, guidance, rules and responsive participants.

It is essential and most fundamental that this fact/insight is radically understood. Especially within Adidam by the one who has claimed the role of sole governance and by her hand picked followers and those who could collectively require the rightening. Which is "all of "us". 

This will only happen by radical understanding, in True and Real recognition of Bright Source, to begin based upon a new ego self transcending non cultic, no scapegoating choice and new agreements and actions. 

This Maha Bright Puja would be the sign necessary to correspond with the world prayer for contributing to changing the perpetually conflictual and warring dynamics not only amongst humanity as a whole, but amongst ALL beings responsive to Bright Adi Da's Blessings, Teachings and Transmission and the great tradition of humankind.

This IS one of the most primary purposes of our coming together and not to be put off for future generations to attempt. If immaturity, no compassion, denial, no tolerance, refusal, delusions, revisions and deception continues, we are collectively choosing to enable humanly corrupting forces continuing within this manifest life realm. 

How can this misuse of Bright Adi Da's Blessing, Wisdom and Transmission, by egoic neglect of Reality Truth As Source be justified? 

Misuse is being so chosen by justifications that seem more important or insurmountable. 

Where are the True devotee protestors, who could require new action (you know who you are) about this great root matter.

All "whistle blowers" (take Shawnee Free Jones as an example) have been and are effectively being silenced and the gathering is doing NOTHING EFFECTIVE about this. 

If ignoring is the chosen modus operandi we collectively continue to  cause and contribute to unnecessary conflict, desecration and suffering in violation of Bright Laws.

Bright Adi Da: There are wiser forms of governance than an authoritarian rule that can distribute resources and create order without using fear as the method of power. The law is founded on Wisdom and cooperation. And here’s the catch 22. To have Wisdom, there has to be a ‘source.’ The Source is the guidance.

Adi Da Love Ananda:

What is the best form of governance?

What rules should guide communities, families, and others living together to follow, and who should make up these rules?

In trying to figure out the answers to these questions, I will first rule out a form of leadership or governance where absolute authority rules. Why? Because it presupposes two things. One is that there is an all-knowing person with the ability to guide and direct others. The other is the populace or council must blindly follow the all-knowing one. In other words, there is the leader, and there are the followers. Although straightforward and ancient in the history of human development, this form of governance is today no longer tenable. It just doesn’t fly in the face of post-17th-century understanding.

The question of [True] governance is central to any human endeavor, big or small. Who’s the "boss"? Who’s running "the show"?

Bright Beloved: Wisdom is a paradox because it is not objective nor codified it is ALIVE. Wisdom cannot be found; it cannot be followed or written down. It can only be UNDERSTOOD COLLECTIVELY, and it is only apparent. It is always the opposite of what you propose in your logic and limited view. Wisdom sometimes looks like a negative and sometimes a positive. Sometimes is up and sometimes down. At times it’s backward and inside out and sometimes straight forward. Nevertheless, WISDOM is always CLEAR and UNDENIABLE, clear as a bell. It is SENIOR to any form of knowledge, insight, or vision because it is a MATTER OF THE HEART.


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