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Reaching out

I recently came across a dialog while researching Charles Upton.

Please see the link below including the footnote 37 re Adi Da.

Why Charles Upton? Jeffery Mishlove just posted an interview with him on New Thinking allowed (see link below).

Over the last decade I have become more and more aware of the thousands of people (individuals and groups) in society, across the globe, who know of Bright Siddha Adi Da but choose to remain at a distance or are reactive in relationship to Him. Curiously I began to lightly investigate these individuals/groups via networking, the internet and literature. I also attempted to reach out to some. Why? In all the last (close to) 5 decades of being a devotee practitioner of Beloved Adi Da, I have been awakened into the radical understanding that whatever arises as seemingly subjective or objective in relationship to an apparent other, is also active within this very personal psycho physical being. This feeling awareness forms what Adi Da names and describes as the psycho-biography of the ego act. In this depth of feeling awareness, I have noted that often many devotees had definitively adverse reactions to individuals who do not become formal devotees of Adidam. This is clearly a cultic reaction and sign which Adi Da Himself vehemently criticized, endlessly. This observation, of being a cultic insider devotee, (myself having been one for a few decades) has happened in the awakening into Bright Reality Context wherein a stark contrast appears in relation to how Adi Da as Siddha Guru and Bright Guru Maya, manifests.

Adi Da's extremely open Work (although not "in the public" as some Teachers and Gurus are) consistently embraced ALL beings, no matter what kind of reactions may have correspondingly manifested as a result of the conjunctions in the world with Him and His Avatar World Work.

It became clear very early on that Adi Da's communications (even before beginning to Teach) were controversial. In a short while many devotees closest to Adi Da became aware that His Life and Work was (in effect and at times literally) being threatened by beings that vehemently upheld the conventionally acceptable narratives of ownership and control over social/political norms, religiously fanatic fundamentals, philosophies, intellectual rights, artistic freedoms, including other paradigms of Gurus and Teachers. This is one reason why we never wanted or encouraged Adi Da to consistently enter the public arena and instead, the "public arena" (the world) was "brought" to Him. Sadly, devastatingly interfered with through the filter of cultists surrounding Him through all the decades He Worked. Devotees were also threatened. This is no lie or exaggeration. I have personally, along with my blood family and spiritual family experienced this kind of abusive reactivity and discrimination.

Even so, Adi Da Accomplished what He was Moved to do as the Bright Heart Master. And I am no longer in reaction to the wide range of responses or non responses that have ensued. I am actually very Heart curious and now hold out my open hand to connect with those who have a voice on the world stage and know of Adi Da but remain silent about it. Why? There are so many misunderstandings formed by gossip and lack of true education, consideration and practice that abounds. What has come out through the published literature from Adi Da Samraj thus far, as He Taught and Transmitted, is not embellished if the Divine Leelas of Lessons and Revelation are not told and passed on as Prasad, in detail, by the devotees who have been (and will be) empowered by and with His Bright Virtue of Instruction and Transmission. And, if a True Culture of Instrumentality does not exist to demonstrate the Way there is no "Adidam" for serious aspirants to participate in which is service to this Bright Divine Process and Purpose as a sign of the Prior Unity Agreement. Cooperation + Tolerance = Peace.

In this Light I am reaching out beyond the "cult" of Adidam that survives in very small numbers which needs great help by many many open hearted beings who are not afraid to be seen, felt and heard responding to Bright Wisdom.

Jeffery Mishlove's endorsement of Adi Da Love Ananda

"I regard the work of Adi Da and his devotees as one of the most penetrating spiritual and social experiments happening on the planet in our era".

Jeffery Mishloves post from 5 years ago speaking openly about of his ruminations and interpretations of Adi Da Love Ananda


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