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Real God is not the “Cause” of anything

"The Disposition of Real Transcendental Spiritual life is summarized in the notion that, no matter how many people are in the room, there is still only One Person there!

In general, discussions about "God" or "religion" tend to be naively associated with the idea of the Power that is "Other", or the One Who is "Other". This "God"-idea corresponds to a rather childish (or even infantile) sense of Reality."

“Ideas such as ‘God the Creator’, or ‘the God of history’, or ‘the God Who does everything’ are institutional ideas associated with conventional (and socially-oriented) ‘religion’, not Communications from the ‘Disposition’ of Real-God-Realization.


Such ideas about ‘God’ appear within the dominant ‘religion’ of a civilization or a particular social order that is more or less in charge—and everybody within that cultural sphere is supposed to adhere to its doctrine, either altogether or at least to the degree of functioning in a civilized manner within the social order. Even though conventional ideas about ‘God’ are associated with the ‘God’-label, such ideas are, in fact, ordinary human ideas.”


Therefore, everything arises in and As Real (Acausal) God—but no ‘thing’ or ‘event’ is ‘caused’ by Real (Acausal) God.” 


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