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Reality Truth Is Not Within "You"

Bright Adi Da, in this audio clip (see link above), again points to the seeker: "The "you" reference is the "problem" there, you see?"

Who, what, where and when are "YOU/I/US" ?

The Divine Self Position? Responsively guided by, awake as and fully realized, non differently?

The "problem" is not True spiritual masters. They have not failed humanity. Their rare and unique life manifestations are for the purpose of revealing truths (however limited) and Truth, by spoken and unspoken means. 

The "bullshit" (ego politics of seekers) that surrounded them, organized around them and attempted to carry on after their embodiment is what is an immense NAKBA (to coin a word that is now in filtrating the psyche of humanity). 

The root of nakba is that humanity as a whole, fully integrated parts/point of views, is not making effective use (embodiment) of true and real wisdom, however limited.

Certainly not responsively recognizing Reality Truth that is inherently and priorly Only One Heart. 

Where is this Sign for humanity, the demonstration required for the beginning of True and Real culture, not an end result? No evolution is required for this essential and transformative Heart asana to initiate the collective turn about that must take place in this warring hell on earth. We have  created, all together,  lifetime after lifetime, this patterning based on identification with the collective psycho biography of the ego act/play. 

The dark destruction being enacted is not necessary. This "world order" is not "God's" play or will. Such seekers mythologies justify heinous separatist acts. 

Any excuse to not call and act for a global turnabout is "garbage" especially amongst Bright devotees to do so as a collective in relationship to the Means Beloved Adi Da has established. 

Listen very carefully to the communication in this excerpt (see link above). Where does responsibility rest? 


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