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Require A Truely Moral Cultural Revolution

"Bless all 'others' " is an admonition Da Love Ananda admonished all to embrace. Living Satsang  enables this.

Adi Da: "When your (feeling) attention is simply turned (responsively) to Me, then you are filled with happiness, love, devotion, with this intensity that comes to you through constant (feeling) attention to Me. Through that channel of (feeling) attention, My Divine Siddhi, or Blessing Power, is given a path. It cuts through all of your reluctance, all of your self-concern, all of your conflicts, your quality of dilemma, your unconsciousness, your commitment to neuroses—all of these qualities that turn your attention away from Me, from the Truth, the true Nature, the Self, the Divine."

The recognition response of and IN the Bright "I Am" would sign Itself as a collective, In Love, Reality Truth revolution, that inherently creates a radiant True Heart culture and community and mission. 

The collective of all and any being who has responded to Siddha Adi Da in any True Heart way has inherited the responsibility to cooperatively incarnate True culture and community in service (mission of gifts) to mankind. 

Making right use of Bright Adi Da's Means is essential. Any choice to allow misalignment and lack of radical self understanding yoga, obstructs this Divine Purpose. Putting the establishment for this stable foundation off for the next generation or waiting for any reason whatsoever is a sign of non recognition.

One Of the darkest communications I have become aware of, from many devotees including "devotee intimates" of Adi Da and cultural servers, is that this revolutionary transformation cannot occur until Quandra Sukhapur passes away.

I find this expressed disposition unequivocally disturbing. This egoic mind form is tantamount to a death wish for a devotee. Wake up and never listen to such rubbish. Call devotees out on these kinds of amoral attitudes which have absolutely nothing to do with Bright Reality Process. This is what I am doing right now, saying STOP "black magic" and deceptive lack of straightness. 

On June 16th 1978  Adi Da Love Ananda Wrote the Essay “The Revolution I Propose”, which is later published in The Enlightenment of the Whole Body.

“Truly human culture is founded on concern for the right use of the goods and opportunities of human life, as well as concern for the higher growth and the ultimate transcending of egoity in human individuals.”

Adi Da then Says:

“The true social revolution is a cultural revolution, not a political or economic one. The political and economic necessities become relatively easy to organize once the Wisdom of the truly human cultural orientation is generally accepted.

Until humankind awakens to the situation and purpose of human existence, humankind will create no lasting peace or order, and each day will bring the ‘world’ closer to the finite chaos of war and bewilderment.

But if I Am devotionally recognized in the human ‘world’, then all the dreadful destiny that now lies before you can be dissolved in the Heart of Real (Acausal) God.” 


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