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When studying Adi Da Love Ananda's transmitted words, or when recollecting being present as He wrote or spoke, one begins to notice He was repeatedly, always and only, transmitting, revealing, instructing about and addressing One and Only fundamental process and event.

That being, In Bright Darshan Yoga, one lives fully embodied without recoil and thus awake in Reality Consideration that is the perpetually, Divinely, Self generative, Leela/culture.

This is signed by recognition responsive ego self transcending yoga in Bright satsang and sangha with always developmental growth and outgrowing as responsibly and discriminating mature human beings, given over into Transcendental Spiritual Divine Self Revelation As Love Bliss Being, in all relationships, all inclusive.



"If we were completely satisfied. in this world, if our circumstances, experiences, and relations were permanently fulfilling, you see, no one would turn to God. But everything in this world to which you cling is going to be stripped away from you. Change always rips you off in someway, and death rips you off completely. And when death comes, will you have done anything during your lifetime that will transform your destiny after death? Are you going to be so involved with this circus of a lifetime – this side show that comes to an end after a few acts – that you do nothing that transforms your destiny after death? You keep dying and being reborn, repeating the same lifetime again and again and again, with barely any growth at all, You do not grow in evolutionary terms, developing the higher mechanisms of the body-mind, and you do not transcend the world in absolute terms. You continue in this same cycle of birth and death because you are under the illusion that you can be fulfilled as a human being. Human fulfillment has become your goal and your obsession. As long as you think that you can be fulfilled through the exploitation of the manifestation in which you are now born, you will become, or remain, attached to this bodily life and you will continue to be attached to it until you have fulfilled all your desires completely. But you never can fulfill all your desires completely!"


"Are you frustrated more than you are consoled in this life? Now frustrations like, ”I’m not making enough money on my job” will not move you toward an ultimate realization of Truth or God! No, you must recognize some very profound frustrations. You must come to an understanding about the machine of the body-mind and the process of your experiential existence altogether."


"If you listen to this primitive vital message, you still rest in the consoling motivation to be fulfilled. You are not frustrated enough to enter into the consideration of ”matter” itself, the body itself, the mind itself, or life itself to the point that the body mind becomes transparent and loses all significance to you in and of itself or as an end in itself."


"In Truth, life is a dream. It is not therefore unreal or nonexistent, any more than your dreams are unreal and nonexistent. But this process of apparent incarnation as a separate being is a state of consciousness that is organized precisely as dreaming is. This appearance here is created of energy, consciousness, mind, and it is completely arbitrary. It could disappear instantly. Therefore, I do not recommend the fulfillment of this life in itself, but the transcendence of it. Transcendence of all apparent limitations is a much greater disposition than anything you can realize in your conventional human conception of life."




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