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Simply self release Into...

The Ultimate "Stage" Practice in Bright Yoga from the earliest Teachings (Leela/language) of Adi Da Love Ananda

"The Process in the Ultimate Stage of Practice, or the Way of Radical Intuition*, is the one of natural re-cognition of all independent or personal states, or all moments of experience, as only modification of the Transcendental Ignorance (or Unqualified Consciousness) and All-Pervading Radiance (or Unqualified Consciousness) and

All-Pervading Radiance (or Unqualified Love) of the Absolute Divine Reality, Person, and Self. Therefore, the Process in every moment is simply one of release of self into Contemplation and Intuitive Identification with the Divine.

It is not a matter of going within and away, or up and away, or of excluding phenomena, or of annihilating self, or of trying to persist as the self. Rather, it is a matter of nonexclusive or “open-eyed” re-cognition of all that arises, so that Only God is obvious and only Love is one’s Condition. It is a matter of the re-cognition of phenomena and the independent self, not of excluding phenomena and annihilating oneself. It is a matter of Ecstasy rather than inversion."

*full Awakeness and responsibility for the 7th Way of the Heart Yoga-Atma Nadi Shakti Yoga


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