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Summary Results of Adi Da Samraj’s Teaching Consideration

ADI DA SAMRAJ: When I first began to Teach, people came to Me with all kinds of expectations and demands and disabilities relative to the whole matter of the God-Realizing process. It was clear to Me that they would not be able to make use of Me if I did not first enter into a grand “Consideration” with them, through which they would become relieved of their various forms of seeking. That was the basis for the Teaching years, and it was inevitable that the Work of My Teaching years would fail. By virtue of the fact that the various things we “Considered” were forms of seeking, and by virtue of the fact that all seeking is fruitless, the Teaching years had to fail. Such was the “Consideration “.

Therefore, My Teaching years were a grand Submission in which I Gave to mankind the Lesson of life as a Free Gift, a Gift that could be received by anyone who would rightly and truly “consider” the Lessons of My Teaching years and the Blessings Offered by Me in the Way of the Heart as it is.

Via the Event of My Divine Emergence I came to a Firm Stand relative to all My present and potential devotees. The Teaching years now can truly serve all in perpetuity. My devotees need not endure long-winded and self-indulgent processes of analyzing themselves. All they need to do is to examine the Leela’s of My Teaching Work and My Blessing Work and, in a simple and intelligent manner, to “consider” My Word of Instruction. This is sufficient to establish the basis for right and true practice of the Way of the Heart.

(August 25 and 26, 1990)


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