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Suspended Between Hope & the Abyss

The psyche created by the of normalizing "settler colonialism" is at root, akin to the mode of justifying the "cult of pairs" mentality that Bright Beloved consistently called out and warned about to all those who coincided with him during his embodied life.

It appears, now that he is no longer able to voice his SHOUT about these hubris actions. The normalization of amoral cultic actions are becoming more endemically acceptable in the process of "false formalization" by the collective that continues to insubordinately "own and control" his Reality Revelation Gifts. Both insiderism (insiders) and outsiderism (outsiders) are being complicit in this normalization.

There are many eerie, heart breaking, ego justified parallels between the worlds warring conflicts that are a result of the unconscious dramatization of the root act of egoity and that which false "Adidam" has continued to be and now politically, legally, financially and structurally has enforced and codified.

This will remain so, unless the radical turn about that Beloved Adi Da gave and asked us to "bear the burden of responsibility for as our inheritance"* manifests. Clearly this is not being cultivated, enabled  nor manifested the "new order".

IF there is any  manner in which the collective of Bright responsive beings can serve the Process of Love Blissful Reality intervention and magnification it would be the ceasing of being in denial of the obvious contribution the collective is making to the perpetuation of egoic patterning.

This radical insight and new agreed upon action and voice is essential rather than perpetuating the high or low insular delusions and revisions that are seemingly being encoded into the "culture" of "advocates, patron, friends, students and devotees".

Sitting anywhere engaging the "Prayer of Changes" is actually ludicrous given the ongoing justified refusal to be in right relationship to Beloved Bhagavan Da Love Ananda and one another, each and all. Not-Two

*Read Chapter 19 of the latest edition (2004) of The Knee Of Listening. "The Inheritance". And thru to the end of the Epilogue. His unique Living Gift to all beings

See belwo, the beginning of Chapter 19

Adi Da: The first form of “meditation” “Enjoyed” in My Life was the “Bright”.

The “Bright” is also the ultimate form of “meditaion”. But the “bright” of my childhood was not associate with “radical” (or “gone-to-the-root”) self-understanding in life. Therefore, the “Bright” of my childhood was not supported by an unwavering life-intelligence. As a young boy, I perceived the “Bright”, and I Enjoyed It, but I could not stably Abide in It. And, eventually, against my wishes, It receded into life itself (and into a coming-and-going play in life). Thus, in time, I became devoted to a course of seeking—but even my seeking was aided and supported by my earliest intuition of Reality Itself, Which is the “Bright”. I was required to thoroughly investigate the Nature of my own humanly-born conscious awareness. And I had to understand most perfectly before I could finally Abide permanently in the Enjoyment of the “Bright”, the perfect Form (and the Source of the living condition) of Reality.


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