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Terry Patten and Saniel Bonder

An interesting conversation between Saniel and Terry which includes a combination of critical views (which are held by many people who know of Adi Da) and leelas of recognition and reception...   

“His devotees (are) performing a wonderful service, but they’re certainly not doing much to communicate his work very broadly in the world. And it seems that it needs to find its way forward in a way that allows a left-hand path, a path for people who are not willing to go into a monological locking in on him as the ‘Divine Only’.  And not taking any kind of critical perspectives that’s just not available in this integral age that people need a freer and much more potentially adolescent critical defiant frame and still to become appreciative.  I think are still some really important and incredibly potent dimensions of his transmission that I want to see more and more people turn onto. I actually am an advocate for people reading and partaking of his transmission. I think there’s something unique in it. How do you feel about all that”?

Terry Patten - January 2, 2012


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