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The Being of devotees

Notice the singular noun with the plural noun here in this statement where Da Adi Love Ananda is referring to Bright Sangha as "the Being of devotees". This is an aspect of his literary, spoken and written, art form. He makes use of these words in this discourse (see link above)

Remember another quote? "Dead guru's can't kick ass"!

This understanding was the root of why I asked him the question (in a gathering in 2005) about how his function as guru would continue after he died (see link directly below).

Why did I ask this question? Because I was constantly noticing the endless mess of and revisions of his Words that devotees and all responsive beings were making of his unique Communication and World Work! More heart wrenching was noticing the symptomatic yogic effects/affects this had on him, his gurukula, intimates, devotees, the world and Reality Process Itself. This was excruciatingly painful and frustrating (and still is). If these kinds of symptoms were necessary and useful along with the ever increasing pain and frustration he would not have kept shouting and asking us to stop the denial, refusal and abuse of the process ITSELF AS BEING and what is required. Indicating that this action was literally bringing his embodiment to an end. And it did happen. He wanted to keep living, he said so. 

In the later years of Bright Divine Self Revelation he gave Instruction that no individual would become his successor but that the Bright sangha as a whole Being of true devotees will Be the One Who will carry on his Guru function. This instruction  came in "perfectly" tandem timing of our continued collective dramatizations.

It was well AFTER the event at Lopez Island (see link below) where the signs of one who was wanting to take on this function began to be seen most fiercely, and the whole was allowing this and thus following suit. While the one, Qundra Sukhapur,  was attempting to take on this singular role (called sarvadhikari at the time), the disastrous effects on Adi Da and Adidam were becoming evermore clear. We were all involved in this strategic maneuvering while the Gurukula and "intimates" drama was vivid for all to feel and see. These dynamics  were creating an unprecedented depolarization and divisiveness. Especially given Adi Da was no longer actively intervening (while synchronously with passion and urgency shouting louder and more consistently) in all the ways he had previously done in order to bring the Teaching into being. It became more than abundantly clear, and still is evermore so that no one individual person nor a small group can serve to extended the guru function (as Bright Authority Siddhis and Laws). Bright Siddhi and Laws inherently require a wide open vessel of many, in Prior Unity.

See link below re The Divine Transformative Events including the event which occurred on Lopez Island

Read Bright Adi Da's book "The Orders Of My True and Free Renunciate Devotees" and Prior Unity.

He definitively removed the possibility of a singular noun individually manifested person to play a role as guru (authority) certainly not based on past presumptions nor magically, mythically or methodically, in any fashion whatsoever. Especially not creating a conditional pattern (form-formality) upon the basis of admonishing/requiring a ritualized dynamic that is so extremely narrow in it's scope. The why of this esoteric Law  is inherently obvious  to anyone or all who for Real and True Radically Understand.  The inherently revealed and only viable option for the perpetuation of Bright Yoga is necessarily a collective Reality Consideration Process. For this to be consistently "moment to moment"  authenticated into the future requires True and Free (Being Itself) Orders comprised of many numbers of devotees! 

Because the incarnation of the Bright Being Body needs to be referenced he named it "Adidam". Adi Da's "MY HOUSE" Leela is one wherein we learned that individual and collective egoic activity and thus presumed identities cannot enter. Why? Unconsciously and actively recoiled beings are virtually robotically asleep (like the perpetual motions of egoically created mind) enacting and creating separation from the LIVING Condition, that within which we all inhere, and are lived and breathed by. In doing so we obstruct the One Core Living Being force from awakening us into noticing our collective singular True Self Position.  Which IN and AS Brightness Itself is One all inclusive Beingness! 

To be  awake in "My House",  the threshold or the passageway of recognition responsive devotion is required. This asana cannot be faked because esoteric yogic laws are the only basis upon which all may enter the Domain of Conscious Light "My House". The "My" is the singular "I AM" true of all beings and things, non separately ecstatic, eternally, ever present. Which paradoxically goes unnoticed as being "always already the case" as the True Self Condition of all beings and things, if egoically recoiled at heart, In Heart. 

Adi Da made clear why there would no longer be a single murti guru as a successor, (or even a group of successors) as has been traditionally done in many other religious and spiritual traditions. Yet the gathering, in a conflicted dogmatic fashion is choosing to allow this error and in actively doing so we are all violating Bright Transcendental Spiritual Laws. There is no punishment for this continuing enactment. All are inevitably still Blessed abundantly.

The Bright Itself as Love Bliss and Radical Understanding however cannot intervene most effectively if we do not allow and enable the fulfillment of Bright Laws.

"Adidam" does not presently function as One Being, in action. It is a very divided, secretive, deceptive and messy collective where one hand does not know what the other is doing.

This could all change so readily. 

These errors are very basic, human dramatizations which do not require full Realization to make the changes required. Ego politics and cult of pairs are refusing to do so. Beginning for Real and True is what is required instead of duplicating the world of ego politics.  

Listen with all heart/hearts open as One


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