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The Clock is Ticking


"What I’m describing to you all is a process that belongs to the further evolution of humanity. I’ve realized why it is frustrating to me because I’m talking to people who are in a moment in the evolution of existence that has nothing whatever to do with the ultimate Truth of existence, that’s only in the, infancy, still in the slime, still dependent, still wanting consolations in the realm of changes, still violent, still self-possessed. So don’t imagine for a moment that it is an easy matter, that you can just listen to this and you’re in Sahaj Samadhi. It is the work of evolution itself, the work of the universe itself, it’s the obligation, the law of eternal existence that we are considering and that our relationship generates and regenerates. You cannot do it casually. You can’t respond casually. You can’t be committed casually to your ordinary destiny. You must become changed." Adi Da Samraj


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