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The Coincident Relationship Between Predictable Genes (Klik-Klak)


Surprise, surprise, perpetual mirrored motion, Klik-Klak, non recognition of the Divine Self, all inclusive, Bright Condition.


In effect the researches discovered an invisible eco system where genes cooperate or can be in conflict with one another.


The "discovery" of this obviousness is that Klik-Klak (schism/conflict/shift/change) is now being discovered/reflected at the grossest biological root and is seen and felt everywhere.


Microcosm reflects macrocosm, (and vice versa), a reflection of its own sense of differentiated identity and reactive action. 


Where is Consciousness Itself as Love Bliss in this equation of 2=c (two equals conflict)? 


Defensive self protection action against unknown, already presumed opponent. From what position is one able to wisely determine such significant life altering/impactful decisions? Who should hold such power? How will this decision making affect the mass of humanity? What forces and level of consciousness will be behind such decision making?


As it is now being chosen and allowed to be so by the collective of humanity. Playing a victim role, which enables insider power mongering, money hungry, turf controlling unconscious dark pre patterned ego fisted motives to rule this world.


The agreed upon passive aggressive victim consciousness of the masses are giving power over to dark, unenlightened forces. As if the mass of humanity is helpless to do anything to turn the tide. No radical understanding consequentially active in such conclusions "about the Nature of Reality and how It Is arising".


Collective dark conclusions pattern and fuel these ugly opposing forces. No different than what is actively controlling world events today. Such un-enlightened conclusions will continue to be the decision makers as to how this "new discovery" is made use of. Who will benefit? Not the mass of humanity. Certainly no one will, in Reality Truth.


Where is the hearted voice of everybody all at once? Silenced by their own act of choosing to be terrified, private, cloistered, silent, helpless and frozen. So the wheel of maya turns. 


The grossest primal form of manipulation that the scientific community of mankind will see to date is upon us. Past imagined sci-fi, here we are today! Once vaporous visions in movies/dreams/mind yet now and soon is a living nightmare.


Will humanity itself as a prior unity along with inspired by Awake beings In Prior Unity actually intervene so there may be effective tacit and tangible Reality Truth Intervention? There is no  Great "Other" man made "God of mind" that will liberate mankind, as if by the "Grace" of salvation myths and by force of  fundamentalist ideologies,  from this level of insane insensitivity to the horrors of today that humanity finds itself in and suffering. 


Wisdom has not come through any such suffering, myths or ideology. The world stage proves these facts as untenable and false. At best limited, temporary, piecemeal and unsustainable.


All of these events are of our own collective making. An yet we continue to stand as if unconsciously aghast when inevitability of pain and death befall us.


We make mind, mind makes us.


We can all choose to take responsibility to embrace Bright Heart Means to wake up and make a NEW collective agreement in Reality Truth!


No conflict. The natural balance of light and dark of qualified/modified light does not have to equal conflict if Consciousness Itself is given Room to Brighten and Be, One and Only, all inclusive Love Blissful Being.


Not-Two Is Peace


Beezone: “Avatar Adi Da uses key expression in His Wisdom-Teaching, Klik-Klak, which He uses to describe the mass of conditions that are only constantly shifting andreplicating patterns, that never manifest any fixed “objects” or “entities”. He explainsthat the fundamental error of the presumed separate self is the attempt to superimpose the characteristics of Consciousness Itself onto the Klik-Klak realm. Ultimately, we must Realize That Which is Always Already the Case, Priorto the illusion of Klik-Klak.” 





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