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The Five Evolutionary States of True Man

This early prophetic communication from Adi Da (see link above) reminds us that this world is not purposed for seeking evolutionary perfection. 

In the early essay, The Five Evolutionary States of True Man, Adi Da elucidates, once again, why the ego-self  (as a divisive action and not the True Single Self Identity) transcending Reality Process is most fundamental as irreducible inherently non dual Radiant Consciousness Itself, true of "all-and-All".

The Process requires responsively "TURNED" (heart impulsed surrender into fidelity which transcends ego-self attention itself) to the purpose of the Divine Self Life Light. This Turning is intuited, inspired, Heart disciplined (radical self understanding/discriminative intelligence in action) and thus developmentally responsively responsible and matured (freeing of energy and attention from the falsehood of egoic identity) beyond all the shadow of seeking and doubt (universally high or low perpetual patterns/levels/lines/structures of vibratory light or sound or senses).

Being IN True Heart conformity, to a life of service to humanity as a whole, "all at once, moment to moment" is the sign and siddhi and law of Bright Yoga. The "True New Order of Man". 


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