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The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Adi Da: "The appearance of being pure is a sales job, it’s bullshit. Any genuine purity is not merely a characteristic of the body-mind. It’s a Divine or Ultimate characteristic that has replaced the egoic patterning of the body-mind. But it’s not something that the ego can claim. The ego had to be extinguished for such “Brightness” to be manifested. So there’s no pride in it, no status in it. Realization, Enlightenment, these aren’t forms of status. People think of them as forms of status. “I want to become enlightened, I want to Realize. I am Your devotee”, you see. Just think of all the things you’ve attributed to yourself over time. Both positive and negative. It’s all fiction, it’s nonsense.

All the good things about anybody could just as well be true of you too. It’s just pattern patterning. The totality of mankind is your biography. If you can’t know yourself in the form of absolutely everybody, including the worst assholes you’ve every heard about, thought about, ready about, you see. If you can’t understand that that’s your potential too, you see, then you don’t understand anything about yourself. That doesn’t mean go ahead and do it, this kind of knowledge comes through a profound process in which there is the transcending of it, but nonetheless, where there is perfect transcendence, there is a perfect summation of the worst asshole whoever lived. And in some sense, the best, perhaps. But also, none of it makes any difference anymore. It’s cancelled. The pluses and minuses add up to zero and only the “Brightness” remains.

There are no lustrous egos. There are official lustrous egos, mummers whose role it is to play it in public in various ways, you see. There was a man called Chogyam Trungpa, passed some years ago, who I hear once said “Sainthood has fleas”. (LAUGHTER) So he made it a particular exercise of his own to appear to be a totally flea covered dog, you see. (inaudible) was his excuse at any rate, to trying to be saintly was not worth the price, or was bullshit, just a way of seeming. So, why not be as bad as you can be? Or at least, pretty bad. Well, that’s been tried. I’ve had to embrace every kind of play with you all to consider everything."


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