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The Relinquishment of the Real Process

In Adidam, openly conducted, cultural Reality Consideration (engaged with unique artfulness of the Process) that keeps self observation and self understanding Alive in order to maintain integrity without revision, is now taboo. 


Maintaining integrity, without destruction, appears almost impossible when 1) ego politics are at the helm holding suppressive power and control over Adi Da's Treasures and 2) the majority of responsive beings are not actually interested in the Fire of Reality Process Itself or prepared to conduct the Water Itself.


And so, voila, present day "Adidam"....barely Awake and Alive.


And it appears, there is no culturally organized guidance that is about, all inclusive, humanly mature, responsible, intelligent and reconciling, cooperation.


This shut down and beginners immaturity cannot consciously conduct an active collective willingness to openly and vulnerably Breath Life and Love into this world to keep Reality Truth Process Alive, for Real.

Now, the collective scapegoats, fawns over and gives lip service to Quandra Sukhapur and Ruchiradama Nadikanta. While most all devotees enable and are allowing the disrespect and ostracizing of the "Gurukula" and elder devotees and newer devotees whom Adi Da empowered during His Lifetime.  Therefore, none of the organizational entities meant to serve Adi Da's Person and Treasures directly exist with Bright Signs of Radical Root integrity yet.


There is yet to be a culture that demonstrates straightness and accountability DIRECT to Adi Da's Person of Revelation, Lessons and Husbanding Authority. The present structures and codes are being governed by devotees who do not show signs of ego self transcending yoga. Because these foundational signs are not shown, the gathering is exoteric, characterized by social, political, religiously programmed and ritualized demands and expectations and not esoteric in demonstrative  Bright signs.


Much of the reasoning for why this is happening is to accommodate an overabundance of beginners, always preparing. And beginners functioning fearfully for survival and with protection motives, individually and collectively over against a "world"  and a presumed savior "God".


Where is the demonstration of Inherently non separate, Prior Unity Actualized, not fantasized via experiences, exercises and discourse? Conscious Awakening, non separately conducted In and As Love Bliss is required and then inevitable growth and radiance attracts, and would not implode or reject or disrespect. Any and everyone one recognized In and As Only One, all inclusive, is signed most Obviously. Not debated about. But Lived.


Do NOT settle for less. Where are these open hearted voices organized and signed, no scapegoats? 


Where is the list of ALL the world wise beings who have responded to Adi Da Love Ananda? 


Brightness Embraces and Ultimately Outshines ALL. Are ALL feeling aware of the actual numbers? Not the institutionally approved "formal" few? Clearly this extremely small group, hanging on for dear life and position, are unable to conduct Brightness Alone with so few maturely prepared. Great great numbers, ever growing in all ways, are necessary. Where are you? 

Adi Da: “The institution of Adidam must serve everyone, to see to it they understand what the Way is and are served with formalities and modes of accountability that keep everyone straight. Because if you don't have that cultural intrusion, you are egos. And those who are immature are of such a nature that if they can get away with it, they will be egos. They will simply be that. In spite of their best intentions or professed inclination, they will. So they must be served by right formalities, right address, right accountability, right discipline and so on.” 



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