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The Transcendental Powers of a Siddha

Beloved Adi Da (1978): "The Spiritual Master or the Awakened devotee, then, enjoys an inherently complete knowledge of everything! That complete comprehension is not merely reflected at the level of the thinking mind. Rather, the being itself reflects a total comprehension of everything, because the Transcendental Being inherently abides in the most direct and immediate association with everything. Thus, when the devotee is surrendered in God, all of the excesses, all of the powers, of the Transcendental Being become operative in him. After a while he begins to account for such Influence. He recognizes and acknowledges a higher process of mind than the ordinary thinking mind, but a process that can yet be reflected directly in all his actions. The Transcendental Influence in the midst of all ordinary changes is in fact their true Logic, and It can bring about events in the plane of life that would not otherwise tend to occur. This Influence is the source of miracles, all positive transformations, and of the Transfiguration of the being."


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