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"the truly liberated Man"

Adi Da: “The popular philosophy is that mind (or knowledge) is the way of salvation, and Truth is within. And the conventional mystic believes that the inner self can and, indeed, must be released from the body. Therefore, he instructs you to invert your attention, to abandon your intimate relationships, to stop all but the most pleasure less eating, to stop having sex, to stop going to work, to stop your enthusiastic play of bodily experience. All of those activities are extremely difficult to sustain, and they are ultimately mortal. Therefore, the conventional mystic advises you to forget about all of that.....But the truly liberated Man, who has passed through and beyond mysticism, must confess to you that the tour within will only lead you to the illusions of inwardness, or the inheritance of Narcissus. And even though every man and woman must evolve and become a mystic for a time, he or she must at last transcend the mind itself, and the independent inner "I" of all experience.”


In reception of this quote (above), recognition of Da Beloved Brightness (Siddha Guru Function Awakens in the Heart Itself, inherently, and Affirms (Self Authenticates) the First to Be acknowledged (recognized and installed before, In and As) Condition of Bright Satsang as "our", the One and Only True Self Nature Itself, all inclusive. Not mind, emotion or body experience itself..”no matter what arises or does not arise”. Recognition Yoga Is Bright Sangha, good company, not mind mummery patterning.




Beloved Da Love Ananda at birth : “It was an expanding sphere of joy from the heart. And I was a radiant form, a source of energy, bliss and light.”


Beloved Da Satsang Is the Bright, I Am, One and Only Divine Self Condition 


Sangha is this too As Realized to Be So In Satsang, Only One, Da, not/no other. 


"We" are not demonstrating the Radiant, expanding/growing in life Signs of this. 


Thus, the Treasures are not being attended to as Need Be. 


The collective, "we" does not want to enter into the Reality Consideration Process Beloved Gave us to do collectively together including consent in direct relationship to and recognition of and right use of His Treasures. This is unconditionally necessary for any devotee who is seriously moved to Realization to Actualize IN Life As no conflict, Only Love Bliss Itself.


Many, many devotees are being banned from access to His Treasures for arbitrary shadowed/lighted oedipal, emotional sexual,  social/political, cultic ego purposes. Mummery. The entire collective is settling for less than Perfect Fidelity to Bright Satsang and Sangha. Misusing Him, As Is and Bright Reality Treasures. 


No devotee body of True Governance or Priesthood would allow this. 


We (all devotees) need to do this service together, in visible/vocal/accountable agreement to ensure Beloved is attended to As He Needs for His Work. 


For example. 


Adi Da’s "Intimates" are many, we all played our roles, and still do. Yet, how? And why? With whom? And for what purpose? And for whom? How effectively? Tangibly and tacitly with creative New Agreements. 


This very necessity is being avoided. Errors in Radical Reality Understanding allow and enable this avoidance and dissociation. 


Why won't we prioritize this Consideration and serve Beloved Himself, As Is, directly? Time and space factors are irrelevant.


Poetics and vague pointing at, passive watching, looking for signs abstractly are not effective for active results required. Gifts are required. Beloved does not and never did settle for less. 


Adi Da: “As a baby I remember crawling around inquisitively with an incredible sense of joy, light and freedom in the middle of my head that was bathed in energies moving freely down from above, up, around and down through my body and my heart. It was an expanding sphere of joy from the heart. And I was a radiant form, a source of energy, bliss and light.”



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