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I Am Here to Awaken You from This Torment

 What I write here is understood by many as true and real enough (as big as the elephant in the room).

I am no genius, guaranteed, but still, silence is continuing as the everybody all at once voice. Not heard. Lies and confusion prevail as a collective. Who and What is set apart in this mayhem?

With many of Beloved Adi Da's Talks (from very early ones also), the transcripts are often different than what Beloved spoke. I first watched Nina hand edit Adi Da's Talks, after the transcript was typed out, from as early as 1976. Others could add many more details to how this process (Leela) unfolded.

The written or spoken word without Leela, as Adi Da indicated, is not "complete". 

We can make assumptions as to why but the actual reasons for why could be useful to elucidate! A Maha Artist Is at Work! "Meridian Smith" Siddha Wise. All of the unqualified permutations of Bright creativity. Paradox.

This is part of the Process/Leela of the necessarily spontaneous "Art" of His Language. As we, so much, have Understood.

Not only why the spoken and written transcripts are different. But why the transcripts also changed overtime.

While Bright Beloved was always ONLY  addressing Radical Understanding and Reality Process of Recognition. 

Percentage wise, with many variables and exceptions , very, very few "devotees" ( all inclusive) truly Understand. Most forms of interpretations are from the gross body mind, programmed, separate, self application, point of view. Even the present manner of authoritative governance is all Evelyn Speak.

A lot of this has to do with the secrets within these passages (from Adi Da) below. 

The errors of the 6 developmental stages and the psycho biographical ego self transcending root process (detailed and accountable for each individual and as a culture) have been Spoken and Written about in Great Detail by Beloved Adi Da.

Even the vernacular of the "cult" culture and community now reinforces this falsehood via programs,  rituals, social contracts and speech whilst actually believing this is Radical root devotion and preliminary Perfect Knowledge and right life. It is acceptable Evelyn Speak, yet no longer acceptable to address and question. 

The single person governing from the Brightness grounds is yet to be accountable by the Means required and outlined by Adi Da. A domino effect here is a-happening, reverberating out, turning the ego act stage/wheel. Not True Heart turning. 

The money, power and politics wheel churns while the Sacred is often agreed upon to be violated for ego self purposes, ownership and control by costumed, parading as Bright "devotees".

All of this here is His based in His repeatedly Spoken, Bright Genius Words. Not mine.

We devotees now say: "Stay under the radar", "Play along to get along", "We are working on it" and "The next generation will stand up and work to righten this aberration, not us, not now! " 

Why do we say and do this?

So the dark money/power forces cannot not cut off our heads and deny access and take away "our" service!

Power over to Evelyn. The collective agrees.

Dark times indeed.

You Must Convert Your Life Itself Into ego-Transcending Practice

A reading from The Aletheon,by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

In the total context of the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Reality-Way of Adidam, it is not sufficient to apply discipline to only some areas of your life. In order to do the intrinsically ego-transcending practice I Give to My devotees, you must bring the discipline of the Reality-Way of Adidam to every area of your life. You must convert your life itself into ego-transcending practice.

If you are to effectively practice and grow in the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Reality-Way of Adidam, your discipline must cover every aspect of your life. The trend of attention is a natural force, like wind and earthquake and mobs. An extraordinary discipline is required to turn that tide. Mere "self"-effort is not sufficient. Only the devotional response to My Avatarically Self-Transmitted Divine Grace makes the turn.

The comprehensive and complete range of basic functional, practical, relational, and cultural disciplines (Given by Me) relate to general health, right diet, right emotional-sexual practice (whether relationally sexually active or celibate), true service, and formal cooperative sacred cultural association. I have Given detailed Instructions relative to all of these forms of "self"-discipline.

Thus, a basic design for "self"-discipline is Offered to all practitioners formally embracing the Reality-Way of Adidam. On this basis, each individual must discover a detailed personal design that is both appropriate and optimum in his or her own case.

In this always ongoing process, all My devotees must make the measure of every day, such that they (each and all) consistently fulfill all the by-Me-Given forms of functional, practical, relational, and cultural discipline.

I Teach and Require a purifying approach to the entire range of necessary forms of "self"-discipline in the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Reality-Way of Adidam — because of how the human being really functions as a psycho-physical system.

Real and True Purificationof the Individual Body Mind-Complex

A reading from The Aletheon,by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

The human psycho physical system is not merely a gross phenomenon. Rather, the human psycho physical system is a participant in a Universal Field (with gross, subtle, and causal dimensions). However, because human beings tend to be so "bogged down" by the influence of their life histories, their patterned habits, and their habitual associations, they (characteristically) are thoroughly desensitized to the actualities of their own conditionally manifested existence.

Thus, especially in this "late time" (or "dark" epoch), human beings tend to (mistakenly) presume that the entire cosmic domain (including their own body minds) is merely gross (or merely physical, or merely material) — and, because of this overriding presumption, human beings also tend to (mistakenly) perceive the cosmic domain (including their own body minds) as merely gross (or merely physical, or merely material). When the human being is "ruled" by this materialistic presumption, it becomes impossible for real and true purification of the individual body mind-complex to take place.

Because much psycho physical toxicity relates to the subtle (emotional, mental, psychic, and mystical) dimension of existence (and even, at the "root" level, to the causal dimension of existence), the psycho physical toxins cannot pass through and out of the human psycho physical system if the reigning paradigm is that all of Reality is merely gross (or merely physical, or merely material) — and, therefore, those toxins merely accumulate in the body mind-complex.

Such accumulation of psycho physical toxins gives rise, over time, to the particular signs of human character exhibited by any individual — even the physical signs. Whatever is in the mind and the emotions registers in the body as well — because the human being is a single mechanism (and systematic sign).

The fact that mental and emotional toxicity also displays itself in the physical body gives you an opportunity to notice that there is something about your habits of living that you must correct. If you do not (thus) correct yourself, then your life becomes an ever increasing accumulation of distress and limitations.

Such is the characteristic life of the usual human being. Every egoically functioning person (or body-mind-"self") progressively accumulates more and more mental, emotional, and physical toxicity.

I Am here to Teach you — and to Reveal to you, and to Give to you, and to Draw you into — the Real Process of becoming Utterly (and Eternally) Free of all psycho physical limitations, by Means of Transcendental, Inherently Spiritual, and Self Evidently Divine Real God Realization.

However, in the only by Me Revealed and Given (and, Ultimately, Most Perfectly Real God Realizing) Reality-Way of Adidam, there is a necessary practice of "self"-discipline (or right life), by Means of which the entirety of your gross, subtle, and causal existence is rightened and purified.

In the beginning phases of your practice of the Reality-Way of Adidam, the various by-Me-Given forms of functional, practical, relational, and cultural "self"-discipline act as reflectors — allowing you to observe what you actually do (as an egoic being), and (on that basis) to correct what you do (by ceasing to act in an egoic manner).

Thus, the purification of patterned accumulations is not a matter of mere thinking or of mere talking. You must live the devotional (and, in due course, Transcendental Spiritual) relationship to Me — by living all of the by Me Given disciplines (altogether).

The discipline of right diet, for example, is not merely a matter of following a generally healthful dietary regime. Rather, the diet must purify the body mind-complex of the toxins that are otherwise constantly accumulating in it. Similarly, all of the by Me Given forms of "self"-discipline must manifest the element of purification, or else you are not practicing them rightly.

Thus, the only by Me Revealed and Given Reality-Way of Adidam is not about a mere "lifestyle change". Rather, the only by Me Revealed and Given Reality-Way of Adidam is about Realization of Reality Itself, or Truth Itself, or Real (Acausal) God — and such Realization Requires, as Its foundation, the real process of purifying what you have accumulated through your dis-ease (or "self"-contraction).

That purifying process necessarily involves participation in the field of existence beyond the gross physical. Therefore, in due course, that purifying process necessarily becomes a Transcendental Spiritual Process.

Such must be the case, because much that has been accumulated as a result of the "self"-contracted life is in the dimensions of energy that are beyond the gross physical. Until all of that is purified and gone beyond, there can be no Real God Realization.

I Am Here to Awaken You

Avatar Adi Da Samraj (1980)

Therefore, the Spiritual Master must come alive and show himself outside the realms of the usual idiocy and even of the usual religious cultism. That is why I have been born in the Condition in which I have been born, with no associations whatsoever, with no tradition—because they have all become corrupted. The voice of the Spiritual Master, the Divine Teaching, is corrupted even in the cults that are supposed to be the carriers of the tradition of Enlightenment. Therefore, it is necessary for me to appear and to speak the Word of Truth from outside all high-born associations, all traditional associations, even all ordinary advantages in the world.


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