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There Is Fear Logic

There is a fear logic that justifies amoral actions, religious fanaticism and delusional spiritual realization (advancement) that is bereft of fundamental human maturity and radical root self understanding. Therein, True Heart Love cannot be demonstrated IN all relationships. These separate self assumed errors are associated with identity and seeking in the first 6 stages of life. If lived this way, independent of being Awake and informed by recognition responsive devotion and heart intelligent discrimination and responsibility and accountability, we simultaneously make choices that hurt ourselves and others. Most fundamentally at root we actively separate ourselves from the Divine Light of Being Itself.

Thus, irrational behavior that is reinforced within each cult of pairs or cultic group becomes hurtful and causes dissociative deconstruction of heart intimacy.

Egoic social-politics then fearfully justifies (with logic and reason) itself and prevents each and all from living cooperatively, with tolerance, with clear face to face heart communication and clarity without conflict and warring.

Cultic human, social, religious and spiritual fundamentalists call this "God's Play". This disposition indicates a developmental immaturity in the context of the first 6 stages of life whereby responsibility is transferred to and superimposed on "God/Grace". This inevitably scapegoats God or any other that does not support this illusion.

Below I have paraphrased and compiled very intimate details of Adi Da's life and words about this kind of "play" egos create.

I worked as a chaplain in a mental hospital around Philadelphia in the '60s. Plus, I've known a lot of people over the years approaching Me. I am very aware of how the mind of insanity works and how it finds irrational beliefs and motivations to be logical. They are logical, but as a logic in madness.

There is a logic that is the underpinning of madness just as there is a logic that is the underpinning of sanity. This logic come into play, whenever there is an other; fear arises. When fear arises, the intrinsic irrationality of egoity appears globally.

There is so much opposition that a kind of panic is developing all over the world, not only with the general population but also with global leaders in which the logic of insanity is creating events now. The logic of insanity is insanity. And it does insane things.

I am only here to Bless what preserves the whole and prevents the otherwise inevitable destruction that is in motion, world wide. To Bless any particular individual that wants to serve me in a particular way through skills they have or roles they have, and so on, I have to be moved by the rightness of it. I have become wound up in being connected with devotees or individuals who cannot move Me to Bless them by the rightness of their relationship with Me.

I see what is going on in a manner that is so immense and so dark that I no longer want to be associated the wrongness of it. It is a "descent" (submission) that I should not be making anymore.

When this wrongness is exercised in the form of collectives, it becomes aggressive and then nihilistic.

It's about ego politics. It's got nothing to do with the True Religion . It's not a religious matter, it's about politics. It becomes combative. It is is about polarization among existing tribes. It is also about back room politics, secret negotiations, wherein alignments are made.

The coming together of a combination of tribes, creates a unified force over against others with the intention to form a principal dominant force.

See link below, the corresponding signs in the world of what Adi Da Addresses in the summary I put together (above). Indicating that pseudo "Adidam" devotees also are perpetuating this environment of fear by the fact that we do not live recognition responsive devotion in the context of ALL relationships and circumstance as the Context of the Way from the beginning.


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