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This Heart-Awakening

Its good to measure your disposition, your open heartedness, against Adi Da's description below and in the link above...

Adi Da:

"The point is this heart-response itself. Either it is occurring for you or it is not. You may be having many experiences in My Company and in the community, and you may be very busily engaged in various activities, and you may call all of that practice, even though the heart-response is not really active in you. If the heart is not open, you can be very busy serving and appearing to live all the disciplines on some days, but on other days you can be promiscuous or mediocre or living a wide range of possibilities.

On the other hand, if the heart is open, a much narrower range of possibilities becomes your alternative. In other words, if the heart opens, you no longer live in the world of stark alternatives. Life becomes rather singular, one-pointed, lawful. Life economizes itself and you become Happy rather than feeling good sometimes and not feeling good at other times, clear some days and confused other days. A simpleness to life replaces all those alternatives. But if this heart-response is not occurring for you, then life is not single, and you are riding on your tendencies and constantly alternating in your disposition from one moment to the next or one day to the next, almost as if you were a different person from day to day, or hour to hour, or circumstance to circumstance.

So-called devotees who are not alive in this heart-response try very hard to practice and to live on the basis of these practical disciplines. They try to make their marriages work out, to deal with one another, to deal with their own tendencies, and so on. If the heart-response is true in you, fundamentally you do not have to deal with tendencies. If you practice the dietary discipline, for instance, you are not working against a strong motivation to do otherwise. If you are practicing the yoga of marriage, you are not working against a strong inclination to do something else—to practice the yoga with someone else or to not practice it at all. As long as you are still heart-hardened, however, suffering the self-contraction, the spiritual disease of egoity, to fulfill the disciplines associated with our Way of life is a great struggle. If the heart is closed, you do not have that heart-response to resort to. Instead you resort to your calculations, your knowledge, your observations, and so on. You become self-manipulative."


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