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This Is Significant

The freedom to speak truths, about lawful or unlawful actions and Reality Truth Itself and the  Process, even retrospectively (and continuing presently into the future) is very important.

Reparations and rightening  are essential to being moved forward (by Bright intuition and Process of freeing energy and attention) by transparency and freedom of speech ( self understanding served) and NEW agreements ( counter eogic action) are required.  Why? Inherent Bright Laws must be fulfilled. The "past" cannot be ignored.

REALITY CONSIDERATION as radically all inclusive Wisdom Intelligence is required by the whole. A few cannot rule. 

An authoritarian rule that enforces what you can and or cannot say, coming from a corrupted, egoic patterning perpetuated, hierarchy, has to be brought to an end by the Whole Heart Itself.

When a limit is expressed, as in, a law (or restriction) of access and authorities cannot be questioned or exposed as being un-Lawful then this is not only about a violation of social laws, merely. It is about Sacred Laws being violated. It is about violation of the necessity of Prior Unity Laws being disrespected. 

While it can be said that "Adidam" is not a "democracy", how much power is Lawful, In Reality Truth, for authorities as a governing force who disrespect the Whole?


The Whole of Bright radical intuition and discriminative intelligence needs to be in place to  manifest the True and Real "all-and All" inclusive human and transcendental spiritual Heart which is demonstratively culturally manifested as a collective  morality.


So many more beings would be enabled to serve this Divine Process vs the insular cultic few who are based in patterns of past ego active errors. This is fundamentalism, lessons not learned. These insular cultic few are functioning on the basis of familiarity in egoic  relatedness (psycho- biography patterned) rather than Reality Truth Itself.

The Direct Authority of Bright, "I Am", force and intervention, True of everyone and everything needs, to govern humanity, nothing in-between. This is True Instrumentality extended from Bright Siddha Yoga Agency Adi Da Love Ananda, "He and She Is Me", Inherently non dual.  

May "Adidam" release this error, wherein egoic patterns are being superimposed on Truth Itself.

Bright "I Am" serves and embraces "all-and-All". Not only a few formally acknowledged based on patterns of familiarity can govern the Whole of mankind.

Adi Da and Adidam  is all inclusive, not a cult at all.

Nothing can possibly stop the disaster except the force of the whole, the integrity of the whole. That is the only happening that will righten (and en-lighten) the darkness of the human world."


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