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Tragically Imprisoned Icon of Saint and Ear


The Bright Collective Purpose of Adidam devotees, transcends historically repetitive errors, enacting the wrong relationship to all morally enlightened leaders and True Realizers and Siddhas of The Great Tradition of Humankind.

At present the Sapta-Na Sannyas Reality Consideration of devotees in Hridaya-Siddha Da Satsang, is in the Collective Process of purification, transformation and going beyond in regards to what Bhagavan Da Instructs us about below. This transformation can Happen in Bright Prior Unity Grace and Transmission. The first sign of this Gift is that of a true humanly mature collective demonstrating Cooperation +Tolerance = Peace. This would be humanly and devotionally signed by true radical devotion, no recoil, resolving conflict and no mummery revisions within the Sacred Formal Entities of the Adidam Institution, Culture, Community and Samrajya.

Now consider this, a summary of Siddha Da’s Expression (Spoken in 2008) of His Experience and His Gift of Lessons in His Embodied Life

ADI DA 2008: "A “Dalai Lama” is somebody who was selected as a child, who has the characteristics that fit with being trained to play a role. And then after a long period of indoctrination, education, and so forth, they put on the costume, and they play that role.

That's how traditions work. They usually originate from somebody who was a living individual of some significance but then, what follows are formally traditionally prescribed, formal icons and programs.

And they are trained to do so. There are very strict rules about what they can and cannot do. And if they don't do it, they get into trouble. So that's how it works.

I'm still alive here, the Source of this Way, and I'm already being forced into that mode of existence. It has already happened, because what happens in the traditions is happening in My Lifetime.

You all never became a culture of true recognition-responsive devotion to Me. That's never how it was. I went to you, I submitted Myself to you all, and you all took that to somehow or other give you status.

Therefore, the culture, instead of being about Me, is about you all. And you all have institutionalized yourselves as a pattern of demand and structure, and I exist only in that environment.

What is allowed here then? I can sit in My Chair on command. I'm the same as Prem Avadhoot. Even, in some sense, there's a kind of regulation costume, regulation events; everything is formulas.

In other words, there's no zone of My own existence. I am allowed to exist only within the cult, as an extension of that, rather than being with devotees who really practice this Way, and I'm the Source of it, and I'm the One to whom they submit. That doesn't exist for anybody. Nobody does that, nobody.

Adidam only exists in the Saint and Ear form. This revisionist form in which the center is the devotee, not Me. And at Saint and Ear, in The Mummery Book, the members are the center, and they are exemplified by Evelyn Disk. That orientation, it's an ego culture.

Raymond Darling is referred to, but he is allowed to exist only as that icon that Evelyn Disk has described, and that he repeats and inspires everybody with over and over again. As soon as Raymond Darling himself shows up, he doesn't fit. It's proven immediately. They try to make him fit into this ceremonial position, as an icon at Saint and Ear, and he refuses. So, to defend themselves, to defend their cult, they have to isolate him in the state mental facility where he's punished by Evelyn Disk.

The whole role even that he is required to perform is elaborated in other terms in 'The Happenine Book', something more like My own apparent Lifetime in this gathering. It's role play. It's submission. It's being owned. It's the scapegoat. That's Me.

I am allowed to exist in Hermitage insofar as I fit the icon. I get to explain this and reflect this back to you all the time, but it does not change, because this is not a Hermitage. This is an institutional facility in which I am permitted to exist only insofar as I fit the icon of the ego culture of tribalized Adidam. And outside of that, I'm not permitted to exist, except out of sight.

I am under control here for the sake of this cult. It doesn't grow. It's not up to anything much. There is no profundity in it. Nobody is practicing the Way in its true sense. I'm just suffering. I can stay in My room, and I can write or speak into a tape recorder, and I can make images, but it's immediately owned. Everything, all My Gifts are immediately owned.

And I, Myself, insofar as I step out the door and I'm visible, I am permitted to exist only in the formulated sense, the programmed other, the objectified Adi Da, who exists only as a role within that tribalized ego culture that's out there. My living existence is confined to My quarters in My room in this house arrest situation with a couple of you all who show nothing transformative about it.

Nobody is being transformed by coming into My Company. They're being allowed to be who they already are. It's just formalized. It's made into a program in which there are behaviors, also, that have been formulated. You do a genuflection. You put down a gift, a flower usually, whatever it is. It's all mapped.

So it's My post-Lifetime Adidam world. I don't exist any more, and I'm not permitted to exist. And trying to exist is what I'm doing here, and I'm just being punished for it.

I can talk, as I'm doing right now, every morning. I have to re-explain. I have to fight for My Life here. There's nobody responding to Me. The cult is already sealed. It's just what it is.

There's nobody responding to Me here any more. I can't affect anybody. Nobody has a relationship to Me in which they are transformed. Everybody has a relationship to Me that is just formulated cultically, and that permits people to be just exactly as they already are. They can be functional within a bureaucracy, or they can study the Teaching and whatever practice, the cultural description. But they do not participate in an ego-forgetting, profound devotional recognition-responsive relationship to Me. That never happens. I am no longer functioning here, and I cannot function.

This is a business now. This is My post-Lifetime Adidam business, and I am permitted only a certain kind of a role within very heavily defined and enforced limits.

I am brought nothing that enables Me to Work. You don't bring Me anything that enables Me to work. It's just every day you bring Me whatever you have. Your prepared speech is characterizing something out there, but it's never gifts to Me that enable Me to work.

I am a pop icon, a cult icon--that's right. Look at any of the other people in the past, in the traditions. I say look at them, but I'm not saying looking at them. I'm talking about look at as it was during their lifetime.

Look at them now, they are cult icons. They have no existence except as cult icons, and people do what they will with those icons. That's all. They're somebody on a banner. All these little cults with these separate institutions.

It is point of view bondage. The mummery continues. Generation after generation, it doesn't make any difference who appears, somehow or other free in their own realization. It doesn't make any difference. They are turned into this.

And I am reflecting it, because it's happening during My Lifetime. I'm able to show you all how you work. If I were physically dead, I wouldn't be able to fight back and tell you all about this. And if I were just looking for that to have happened, I would have gone along with this from the beginning.

But you wouldn't have any Orpheum, and you wouldn't have My Teaching, because I would have just buckled under to being a cult figure to begin with. But that's not Me.

But you will do it after I am physically passed, because you are already doing it while I am alive. It is already happening. It's a zero growth institution, because you're all busy making a cult first. You didn't have a mission based on Me being alive and people relating to Me rightly. You all locked Me down and have taken years to make a cult out of yourselves now. And, as I said, I am permitted only iconographic existence. I am already dead. This is My post-Lifetime in Adidam.

Therefore, I'm as good as dead in this gathering. I already exist in the form in which I will continue to exist after I am physically dead. I exist as a role only. And since I am still breathing, I'm allowed to function in a very closed, defined sphere, of being bothered in My room, kept under house arrest, going through this cycle when I can talk into the tape recorder, and then I can write in My Office, then go to the studio, and then I can go back to My room.

I am shut down, concealed and isolated from having any affect on anybody, unless it goes through the system and gets revised into Saint and Ear speak.

It's just what ego does. It is what ego does, and it does so without fail. It's a pattern. It's a natural force of a kind.

So this pattern, the scapegoat pattern, is fundamental to human life. It's the ego pattern. Everything is made into it. Everything is put in the middle, objectified, and gotten under control. It becomes the basis for a tribalized ego culture.

Everything is that. Not just religion, politics, garden societies--everything is that way. The whole world functions on exactly this basis.

You all don't have any literature of Adidam saying this. You don't have any devotees writing books revealing My Teaching as it really is.

You don't have a culture that's based on 'I'm outside this sphere of cult' controls, and you don't have any control over it. You don't have a culture based on that.

You didn't give Me a Hermitage. You have used Naitauba to shut Me down and to keep Me under control for the cult. I'm either exploited or ignored. When I'm on this Island, that's how I got ignored, shut down. Nothing's going on out there, and here I'm under house arrest.

You're not out with some great mission telling the Truth as I've revealed it. You're conforming Me to an institutional message that's Saint and Ear bound.

I don't exist in a zone of freedom, set apart to be free. I exist in a zone of being controlled, isolated and shut down, waiting because you all wouldn't establish a culture of right relationship to Me. I struggled and struggled, reflected you to yourselves, tried to wake you up, called you to right relationship to Me, and you refused.

You've now been taking advantage of Me for some decades, particularly since 1986, making this cultic Saint and Ear's worth of Adidam. Nobody even listens to Me any more about this.

If you were interested in telling the Truth to the world for real, you'd be telling My Teaching that's an absolute criticism of everybody--everybody, including those who would be devotees--and they wouldn't be permitted to be controlling Me. I'd be making My Utterance free here in this world, having a place where I am set aside from the burdensome oppressiveness of a cult.

I've written about this at length, all kinds of things. 'The First Word' that used to be in the front of every book was about this: 'I am not the man in the middle’."

End of summary of Siddha Da’s Expression (Spoken in 2008) of His Experience and His Gift of Lessons in His Embodied Life

First Word Essay

This lack of True Culture remains so to this day. No amount of "formally" institutionalized or organizational financial, legal, moral and dharmic revisions and manipulations hold a candle to Bright Reality Laws.

True Radical Formality Laws and Bright Patterns are not to be misconstrued with a bureaucracy grossly managing a finite hierarchical org chart via an overblown self referential documentary pronouncement of structures and codes.

Each true devotees heart root, yearns for and "Knows" the Radical Heart Truth and Freedom. This Reality Truth and Freedom is inherently, natively, tacitly and intuitively yearned for. Who do you assume can be fooled? Certainly not "everybody all at once" that IS Emerging.

The purpose of this blog and the attempt to engage the Formal Entities (who continue to attempt to "own, control and presume to know") of Hridaya Siddha Adi Da, is to expose the errors that have ceaselessly imprisoned Da Bright Reality Emergence and Outshining.

It is a "loosing ego battle" to persist in violating Inherently Free Divine Laws. Bright Reality Is Emerging already beyond the formalized "insider/outsider" politics that imprisoned Bhagavan Adi Da while He was in His Body. This Emerging will inevitably occur with an overwhelming force that cannot be stopped or "owned, controlled or known".

Notice this and participate freely in ADI DA AS IS. Not as He has been iconographically "institutionalized and imprisoned". His Treasures are being misused. Access and Evaluation are not being conducted properly. The ego active patterns and individuals that continue to govern, and extend leadership engage heretical control of indiscriminate participants.

Adidam, at present is the same as when Adi Da Spoke in 2008 (above). Actively still imploding because of errors and illusions continuing to be dramatized, rather than all devotees submitting to Adi Da's Gifts of Self Revelations and Lessons. Quandra Sukhapur is at the helm and center of this revised culture. Lessons not learned, no change.

Remember, at heart with every breath, this paradoxical esoteric Truth Spoken by Siddha Da in 2008

I am speaking to everyone when I speak into the tape recorder. There is “nobody there”, except “somebody” with a tape recorder. Why is that? I am not just speaking to whoever is in the room with the tape recorder. I am speaking to everybody, literally. I meditate everybody. I am everybody. And I am speaking to everybody, and not to everybody as egos at all. I am simply Revealing Myself in “everyone’s face”.


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