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Transcending Your Invisible Script

Adi Da Love Ananda: 

Sometimes you feel good about the body, and sometimes you do not. You animate

various strategies with it. Ultimately, however, you feel betrayed, because it is clear to you it is going to die. You can develop a dependent relationship with it, fall in love with it, be it, and dramatize its life—but, nevertheless, sooner or later it is going to go. And it will betray you in all kinds of unpleasurable ways even before then. It will undergo all kinds of changes in which you will have not the slightest interest. As a consequence, you feel in conflict with this body. You treat it as an “other”. Likewise, you treat the “world” as an “other”, and you are in conflict with the “world”. The same is true of you in relation to all sex partners. In other words, you do not stand in the present moment with whatever arises, because you are contracting into your presumed “inwardness” and separateness. You do not “know” the prior unity—that this body is you, that everyone is you, that the “world” is you, that all of this is you, is one with you, is not something with which you are in a relationship as if you were a

something else. The body is arising within the Inherently Perfect, Inherently egoless, and Perfectly Subjective Divine Being, Truth, and Reality.

I hope that you appreciate the great difference between the indirect approach of remembering your past or interpreting your dreams and the direct approach of observing the pattern that is arising in every moment. People cannot truly enter into the realm of sexual relations with any other until they transcend this “Oedipal” relationship with their parents. And, first, they must find out that the “Oedipal” situation is their situation—not by trying to get rid of it in any way, or by trying to get enough memories of it so that it disappears, but by observing all their patterns, and “knowing” themselves thoroughly in the context of devotion to That Which Stands Prior to the ego, Prior to the mind. Devote yourself to Me, and thereby “Know” the Free Position. Become one with your own body, and cease to be in conflict with the “world”. Cease to believe in an invisible script, and become capable of a free and right life that is utterly one with the Transcendental, Inherently Spiritual, Inherently egoless, and Self-Evidently Divine Reality.


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