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True Bright Esoteric Morality Beyond Social, Religious and Sacred Cultism

“Always relax into the pains and circumstances of experience, and so remain in Communion with Life, rather than in confrontation with the modifications of Life. Relax into Life rather than react to experience. Do this consistently, under all circumstances, and thus remain always free, happy, Full of Life, and disposed toward loving self release in all relationships. This is the Human Foundation of Morality.” ~ Adi Da Love Ananda

Useful study From The Aletheon for Bright House Convocation and Collective True Heart Transformation for Demonstrative Prior Unity:

From The Aletheon Of Bright Siddha Da

*The Dogmas of Social Morality Versus The Esoteric Spiritual Teaching

That Is At The Origin of Traditional Religions

*Beyond The Cultic Tendency In Religion and Spirituality, and In Secular Society

*The Parental Deity and The One To Be Realized

*God-Talk, Real-God-Realization, Most Perfect Divine Self-Awakening,

and The Seven Possible Stages of Life

*Alpha / Omega

*All Imperfect Knowledge Is Bunk

Da Love Ananda:

“Religious” and Spiritual cultism is, thus, a kind of infantile

collective madness. (And such madness is equally shared by secular

cultists, in every area of popular culture—including politics, the

sciences, the arts, the communications media, and even all the

agencies and institutions of conventional “officialdom” relative to

human “knowledge”, belief, and behavior.) “Religious” and

Spiritual cults (and, likewise, all secular cults) breed “pharisaism”

(or the petty righteousness of conventional thinking). “Religious”

and Spiritual cults breed “substitution” myths (or the belief that the

personal transcending of egoity is, both generally and ultimately,

impossible—but also unnecessary, because of what “God”, or

some “Master”, or even some “priest” has already done). Indeed,

“religious” and Spiritual cults (and, likewise, all secular cults) breed

even every kind of intolerance, and the chronic aggressive search

for exclusive social dominance and secular power. “Religious” and

Spiritual cults are, characteristically, populated by those who are,

generally, neither inclined toward nor prepared for the real right

practice of “religious” and Spiritual discipline, but who are (and

always seek to be) glamorized and consoled by mere association

with the “holy” things and beliefs of the cult itself.

This error of “religious” and Spiritual cultism, and of ego-based

culture in general, must be examined very seriously—such that the

error is truly rooted out, from within the cult and the culture itself

(and not merely, and with equally cultic cultural righteousness,

criticized from without). Cultism of every kind (both sacred and

secular) must be understood to be a kind of ritualized infantilism—

bound to egocentric behavior, and to the embrace of “insiders”

only, and to intolerance relative to all “outsiders”. The cultic

tendency, both sacred and secular, brings about (and has always

brought about) great social, cultural, and political trouble—as has

been seen, in this “late-time” (or “dark” epoch), in the

development of worldwide conflicts based on the exclusive (or collectively

egocentric) orientation of the many grossly competitive “religious”

traditions, political idealisms, and national identities.

All cults, whether sacred or secular, thrive on indulgence in the

psychology (and the emotional rituals) of hope, rather than on

actual demonstration of really ego-transcending action. Therefore,

when all egos meet, they strive and compete for the ultimate

fulfillment of searches and desires, rather than cooperate with Truth

Itself, Reality Itself, or Real (Acausal) God, and in a culturally valued

and rewarded mood of fearless tolerance and sane equanimity.

Beyond The Cultic Tendency In Religion and Spirituality, and In Secular Society

Clearly, this cultic tendency in “religion” and Spirituality, and the

egoic (and, thus, cultic) tendency in life in general, must become

the constant subject of fundamental human understanding—and all

of humankind must constantly be put to “school”, to unlearn the

“method” of egocentrism, non-cooperation, intolerance, and dis-ease.”

“Exoteric “religion” is the application of metaphysically-based

ideas (or mind-based presumptions) to apparent

(or presumed-to-be) physical “objects”.

Exoteric “religion” achieves physically effective control over

physical “objects”—and human populations—by means of

(usually, conspicuous) exercises of prescriptive “social activism” and

prescriptive “social morality”.

Exoteric “religion” achieves physically effective mind-control over

human individuals and collectives by means of (invariably,

conspicuous) social and political “moral performances”, power-alliances

with social and political institutions, the public proliferation of

“sacred enclosures” (such as temple architecture), and the

broad-scale persistent propagandizing of “sacred artifices”, such as

“religious” myths, irreducibly “objectified” beliefs, symbolic ceremonials,

ritual re-enactments, “religious” art, and the authoritarian assertion of

such ideas as “objective certainty”, “moral absolutes”, the “inherent

integrity and reliability of tradition”, “happiness by means of

institutions”, “blessedness” by means of “sacramentally authorized”

hierarchies of “religious officials”, “faith” as an exercise superior to all other

human efforts, the “necessary immortality” of the “ego”, and both

the “authority” and the “ultimate sufficiency” of “religion” (“itself”).


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