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"True North" All At Once

An interesting alliance of differing groups "going beyond" themselves based upon collective inheritance of responsibility. This clear auspicious purpose made this happy creative endeavor happen. C+T=P* for wombats and humans in "fearing no more"*. Caring and acting wherein results are identifiably positive and living spirit is enlivened. 

"The new secure Powrunna reserve, which is not accessible to the public, is a partnership between Queensland's Environment Department, Gunggari Native Title Aboriginal Corporation and Gunggari Native Title Holders, mining giant Glencore and the Wombat Foundation."

*Prior Unity by Adi Da

The message of the book Prior Unity is that the impulse to peaceful, cooperative coexistence is humanity’s “true north.” The impulse comes from our root-intelligence as one single species, and, at the same time, reflects the inherent unity of all life.

Bright Adi Da:

"The world of everybody (all-at-once) must get out of the position of passively accepting guidance and receiving calls to virtue. The world of everybody (all-at-once) must accept the necessary position of taking control of the world-situation. That is what must happen—or else there can no longer be any hope of a cooperative world at peace."

Stuart Camps: "Please approach this book in Mystery. I cannot know what you are looking for, nor what you will find. But I trust that there may be something here for you as you traverse the paths, and rest in the spaces of the varied environments of words, stories, and feelings.

Within these pages, you will wander through interconnected waters - journeying in Mystery - amid lights, sounds, soft living bodies, and an always developing spirit of consideration, forgiveness, gratitude, change, and new action."


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