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Ultimate Language of the Divine Self Position

As you likely know, through study and intuition,  Adi Da's use of language became a refined art form to communicate about the "True and Real AS IS, That Which is most fundamental, The Bright, recognized as inherently non dual (not a unity of 2). Consciousness Love Bliss Itself. Standing Free prior to the ego act of attention and the feeling of relatedness in the 'right side of the heart'",  which is "wordless, thoughtless and mindless" while all conditions continue to arise. 

This Revelation Outshines the act and identity formed by the act of separation from the True and Real Source Condition, inclusive of all-and-All, gross- subtle -causal, past-present-future experiential potentials.

Enjoy in Bright Satsang,  Adi Samraj Gathers with devotees in 1984 and “Considers” why the Divine must Appear in Incarnate Form:

“Without Revelation, living beings do not know that what they are longing for is restoration to the Divine Domain. Divine Incarnation is required, and My Divine Avataric physical human Lifetime has been a Process of that Incarnation.

The Way of Divine Enlightenment, then, becomes devotion to "Me",  devotion to That Which Is Given by Real God uniquely for the Enlightenment, or Realization, of beings.

The Way cannot be perceived, contemplated, realized, or fulfilled apart from Revelation. It is not knowable otherwise. The Way that I have ‘Considered’ with you can be found only by Revelation.”

Adi Da goes on to Say:

“There are many ‘religious’ and Spiritual traditions in the ‘world’, and many people struggling in a mediocre fashion in those traditions. Some people are struggling intensely, very seriously, with one or another path that has been transmitted to them. Their efforts will not be ultimately fruitful, however, apart from "My" Divine Avataric Self-Revelation, My Transcendental Spirit-Baptism, the devotional and Transcendental Spiritual Communion with "Me" that will relieve them of their error, their ‘problem’-based psychology of effort and the disposition to settle for some goal or other that is short of True Ecstasy.

The True Way, the Way that becomes Divine Enlightenment and Divine Translation, absolutely depends upon the Divine Avataric Master, and on surrender to the Divine Avataric Master As He Is. Only such devotion Realizes Divine Enlightenment and Divine Translation, with all of the necessary accompanying signs.

Thus, it was necessary for Me to Appear in the midst of this chaos of traditions, new movements, anti-guruism, the failure of exoteric ‘religions’, and so forth, in order to Establish—through Revelation—the Reality-Way of Adidam in Its Completeness.”  






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