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Uninspected Superficiality and Delusions

Uninspected “identification, differentiation and desire” (self possessed superficiality,

inwardness, unlove) manifesting in whole bodily recoil, seeking attention, related to any

or all of the "three egos" (gross, subtle or causal) STOPS Bright Adi Da's Radical, gone to the root, Reality Process.

All the while, Bright Blessings Presence is available, Merely Present, pervading all beings and


However, foundational and developmental preparedness, in order to fully receive (conduct), give over, communicate, radiate, inspire and guide and thus make responsible (not ego self deluded) right use of Transcendental Spiritual Transmission, is required. Inherent Bright Laws prevail. Falseness and facades are useless.

Let us whole bodily, in Prior Unity As One, continue to grow beyond, by newly agreeing

to collectively volunteer to be wholly available In Love Bliss as servants for Divine Self Purposes and thus awakened, straightened and Outshined IN the uniqueness of Siddha Da’s

Grace and Transmission.

Prepared vessels, openly available, responsive-ability

Bright Thumbs, Free fall Sphere

Prior establishment In Perfect Knowledge

Only Da Atma Nadi Shakti Yoga

Om Ma Da


The characteristic Samadhi of My childhood, or of My Life altogether—I guess you could say of My Work altogether—was the Samadhi of “the Thumbs”. You could say that the principal Samadhi is “the Thumbs” because it is the Samadhi of Divine Descent.

It is the fundamental Sign of the Crashing Down of My Person.”

“One of the things that makes “the Thumbs” phenomenon brief is that you don’t do that. You don’t enter into the depth of it. You become immediately superficial, after a brief noticing, enjoyment, whatever, then you start exercising the body-mind again and it passes. This whole process of entering into it in the fullest sense is to enter into Samadhi in Communion with Me. Well, if that is the case, then not limitations in that Event in your case but My Very Presence will be what absorbs you, you see? If that is the case, then the Samadhi of “the Thumbs” would last a while longer than it might otherwise. The other thing I could Say is that if you have to ask, its not Me!”


“There is just as much loss of separate self, forgetting of the body-mind, purification,

absorption, in the fullest Form of “the Thumbs” as there is in ascended, or fifth

stage, conditional Nirvikalpa Samadhi. So the equivalent of the ascended, or fifth stage,

conditional Nirvikalpa Samadhi in the Way of the Heart, most specifically described, is

“the Thumbs” in its fullest form. This is one of the unique Samadhis of the Way of the Heart.

It is not described elsewhere.”


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