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Unless Something Fundamental Changes

In the link above, Adi Da Speaks (in the video entitled “Fear and the self-Contraction”) about crucially important esoteric details about the Bright Reality Way and Process. Often these details can get lost or are over looked or revised by "religious consumers" making use of His Radical Teaching as a way to become conditionally intoxicated through experiences that may arise in devotional recognition and response to Him, As He Is.

These errors are a possibility devotees are likely to indulge in during the fundamental adaptation period prior to the Awakening capabilities and responsibilities granted in True Hearing and Seeing and fully established and  Priorly stabilized Perfect Practice Process. 

In Adi Da's Summary Evaluation of all of  His Vowed to Him devotees (inclusive of insiders and outsiders presently), He indicated that this Profundity of responsibility for these errors (unhandled business) had yet to come to fruition by showing the gifts and signs inherent in the fulfillment of the 9 Laws of Radical Devotion. 

Culturally speaking, the admonition to "just turn to Him"  has become a kind of technique (of avoidance or dissociation or abstraction or delusions) enacted by many, rather than a Most Profound Radical Understanding.

Radical Understanding and the corresponding Process of self- observation and ego self-transcending discipline (right life unique to each psycho biographical ego act) is tending to be bypassed by a delusional mythologizing and talking school approach to Adi Da's precisely detailed requirements that are encompassed in True and Real recognition responsive Bright Turning.

The Way can be stated to be Profoundly Simple but it is not a simplistic technique or salvation by proxy method or conditionally patterned structure. True surrender is a Real Process that must be actualized with corresponding gifts and signs demonstrated spontaneously and  egolessly.

The present time cultural attempts to conduct such evaluations are yet able to be authenticated because of an insubordination being dramatized at the "top, bottom and core" of a structurally misaligned hierarchy/mandala made by ego acts, who are using Adi Da's Treasure for our klik klak, playing play.

No NEW collective agreement has been made to DO otherwise. The collective still refuses to consider this error seriously. Thus, the elephant in the room is ignored, by "turning".

What is at the root of this refusal?

Beloved Adi Da: "So everyone has experiences of one kind or another. Just the mere fact of being alive, and what had to occur in order to be alive, birthing and so on, plus all the experiences of a lifetime. In effect, just as you suggest, imbed fear in the body or the psycho- physical mechanism. And this is fundamental to the condition of every one here. Of every human being, of every living being. Although, every one is in a different disposition, or sense of circumstance, or state of mind in the present moment. None the less, all are sitting in a situation and everyone is in the midst of the activity, in fact, right now, that is generating fear. Except that generally speaking people use various psychological devices to keep it subliminal or to generate diversions as a kind of intoxication. Or even literal intoxication. By using intoxicating means, by diversions of life, experiential means, to divert attention through generating intentionally or otherwise by circumstance or experiencing different states of mind, emotion, body that desensitize you, at least temporarily, to the fundamental fear that is at the root of this bodily sense of separate existence. And this is not therefor merely your characteristic. It is the actual state of every one and it is therefor something that is right there. Every one is always sitting in it. And how much of your life do you want to waste diverting yourself from it or consoling yourself and, so forth, intoxicate yourself, is up to you. But, you cannot really get rid of it. Because it is inherent in the presumption of identification with the state of separateness and brevity, change and inevitable death. You cannot escape that so you cannot escape fear. Unless, something fundamental changes about your understanding and experiencing of Existence Itself. You cannot get rid of fear. There is no intoxication, no diversion, nothing that will desensitize you that is anything but temporary. And in the long run, very destructive of any kind of balance or well being or clarity. If you consider the matter clearly, you have to address this fundamental matter. There is nothing you can do about it. Except whatever it is that utterly transcends the root presumption that is the cause of it."

Beloved Adi Da: “The mind is self-contraction, a rehearsal of self-contraction, a ceremony, a ritual, of self-contraction. The only experience of the mind is the sense of separate self. Every word in the mind represents something that is entirely outside itself and cannot be achieved unless the mind relaxes and the thing itself is entered into. There are only two things the mind does apart from this constant of the self-contraction: the awareness of separateness and the representation of what is outside itself, chanting to itself like Narcissus whispering to himself while hanging over the pond, [Sri Gurudev whispers] “Oh, my beloved, you are so beautiful. I think about you all the time. I look at you constantly. I cannot look at anything else. I cannot think of anything else. You are mine, my beloved.” And it is only him! It is either chatting to itself or making up words or images to represent something outside itself. The only experience of the mind is itself, its sense of separateness.”


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