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What Is Your Intention?

"It is the one who Contemplates who makes the difference..."

This is a most Profound Communication. 

The questions Asked of devotees about our motives, intentions and demonstration that Bright Beloved Speaks of in this Talk need to be more realistically and  specifically Considered.

This Consideration also corresponds to Radical Understanding and the errors dramatized in relationship to the 6 developmental stages of life and most importantly in Direct relationship to Bright Beloved Form, Presence and State of Being.


Clearly the present demonstration of the gathering exhibits a preoccupation with form/pattern. This is has been the manner and operating mode of Adidam governance and leadership.

Adi Da Love Ananda:

"The One Contemplated is the same, regardless of the level or degree or kind of Realization. It is the one who Contemplates who makes the difference-and

“difference” is what is made. So what is your motive? What are you looking toward? Improvements in gross embodiment? Evolution into other planes? Or “Divine


 "My Confession to you, My Revelation to you, My Wisdom-Teaching, covers the entire Process of God-Realization (which becomes Divine Self-Realization) in

its totality. Therefore, when you all consider this Way of the Heart and talk about it, you tend to use My own language, the language of the total Way. Your practice, your

demonstration, is another matter, however.  What does your practice, your demonstration, indicate about your intention? The motivation to transcend conditional existence must be

found if practice is to be real and effective. But even if you find it, you must still measure your aspiration or intention, because you will not, simply because in some

sense you practice the Way of the Heart, Realize Divine Translation automatically. Simply because you belong to this Communion and you are My devotee does not mean that you will Realize Divine Translation or the seventh stage Disposition or any degree of significant advancement beyond the beginning."


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