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When Wisdom Fails the Word Prevails

Thanks Ed (Beezone) for this probing, profound and timely consideration (see link above) for Adi Da devotees and anyone who will avail themselves to the Wisdom Teaching of Adi Da.

The following is from an adapted (by Beezone) talk given by Adi Da Samraj to his devotees on March 8, 1984

You do not consult one another about the spiritual process. You consult Me. If you consult one another, you do so as practitioners who have consulted me. We are not a democratic group in the sense that we all think about spiritual matters and then vote on what approach to take. [Laughter.] Over the years I have tried to give you wise advice about everything. You have an archive here filled with conversations, transcripts, and notes. Each of you is a kind of archive. I have advised you about everything, and if something comes up that I have not advised you about, generally you ask me about it.

Therefore, the means whereby Wisdom is Transmitted in this gathering is the Spiritual Master. The Spiritual Master can serve you in this sense by establishing a system of communication, a system of association here among you. Agency, in other words, is created. But Agency must be responsive to the Wisdom that you have received, that has been Transmitted to you. If a group of people here were mature enough in their practice, full enough of all my advice, and wise enough by virtue of experience, by virtue of submission to this spiritual discipline, then I would say to put them in charge and forget about voting on anything. However, you are not yet at that stage, so you need a somewhat more complex system.


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