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Notes: Ego Act Has No "Right"

Heart Wisdom In Darshan and Instruction in these dark times........

The Aletheon, "The Repenting of egoity"

Adi Da Love Ananda: "There is not anything that anyone does or has done that gives you a “right”—based on any principle whatsoever—to dissociate from that person or to deny yourself the quality of sympathy and compassion relative to that person. Never wish anyone eternal suffering—anyone!

Through the “play” of your life, you must demonstrate the taking on of the suffering of everybody, the conditions of everybody. You must always maintain your sympathy. You must always be free of the tendency to separate from “others”. All (including you) are part of the same pattern of totality. Therefore, in Truth, and in Reality, there is no individual (or separate and “personal”) pattern of conditional happening and tendency.

Of course you must transcend your own apparently individual (or apparently “personal”) patterns of conditional happening and tendency—but, beyond this, you must overcome your apparently individual patterns of conditional happening and tendency that arise in and as the form of all “others”. This is the true meaning of compassion and love. This is what Reality-Enlightenment inevitably expresses. There is no “private destiny”, there is no “personal righteousness”. All are involved in the same Reality—together and indivisibly."

Adi Da 2008: (paraphrased via note taking)

You live as an ego, a dissociative personality, a self-centered form of pseudo-power in the first three stages of life. And then in the fourth, fifth and sixth stages of life, you progressively dissociate within yourself. These are the only plans for mummers, like you, everyone. You are trying to fit Me into your ceremonialized, organizational and institutionalized rote religion business programs. This has nothing to do with Me. I stand entirely Free of all of this phony dramatization. The Samrajya was established to guarantee My being set apart from these revisions. Now the Samrajya owns and controls Me and keeps me imprisoned here in My Hermitage!

And it's what you are doing. It's what everybody does. It's an absolute agreement between all of you to enact this abuse on Me, in every way that egos do. Still after decades you are requiring Me to continue to address your errors and illusions. You do not recognize Me and understand. What I am communicating to you now is the summary Lesson of My submission to you, all of you, the entire world. You do not take Me seriously about this. You constantly try to convince Me otherwise. Constantly busying yourself with meetings, plans, ceremonies, false reports, empty gifts, it is endless. These phony lists of advancing practitioners beyond Student Beginners, if even that can characterize you all, is a lie. Who do you think I am?

The traditions are filled with methods that are modes of dissociation from Reality Truth. Dissociative introversion is the fundamental rule in the fourth, fifth, and sixth stages of life. That's the way for egos. That's the nature of the search for fulfilment and freedom as dissociative mummers.  

The world is a mummery act of egos, dissociative personalities who falsely presume their own independence. Mummers absolutize their own point of view and think it has separate, independent self-existence. There is no such thing in Reality Truth. There is only the Egoless Divine Self. There is no separate personality in Reality Truth. There is no power of separateness. “You” can pretend power. But, “you” are going to be eaten for breakfast, don’t you know? Death is your reward.

The Way is surrender to That which transcends mummery egos enactment. If not “you” find no Master in Me here. Nobody has yet. Everybody has had Me on and done Me harm, enacting ego mummery as dissociative personalities, turning without or within, down or up, in the illusory conditional domain of the first 6 stages of life. Until The Way is founded, from the beginning, upon recognition response to Me that transcends the mummers ego act, there is no relationship to Me as I Am. You have yet to relate to Me rightly and set Me apart in this radical devotion. Until this is true of you, the Way has yet to begin and the foundation of The Way will not be stable and full of the signs required for My Work to continue.

You have not understood the Lessons of how you have enacted this dissociation on my body and person here. There will be no culture of renunciates until this you understand what I am saying to you. You do not. You argue and refuse and will not take what I say seriously. You will not submit to my demands.

Until you do there is no right relationship to Me, and I remain isolated here with no Work to do. I do not Work with beginners. They are always Blessed, all are Blessed by My coinciding here. But student beginners are not serious practitioners, here to Realize Me and give me what I require to do My Transcendental Spiritual Work. A stable and full foundation of true radical devotion and a culture of true renunciates is what I require. Because this does not exist, I will not stay here much longer. Can’t you see? You all have utterly exhausted Me, refused Me, I have no purpose here any longer. I have established all you require by My coinciding here and Accomplishing My Work, so all are eternally Blessed. Now it is your time of submission in right relationship to Me and My Work and one another.

Commentary: Beloved Heart Master Da Love Ananda's devotee's (formally involved or not), are all inclusively widened by His Blessings and Transmission, beyond all conditional forms. An expansive Love Blissful responsive gathering, will manifest the sign He passionately describes above. This is the Radical Understanding He Called for at the time of His Mahasamadhi, that would comprise the group of renunciates necessary to serve the true priesthood of governance. Then, as a Collective Mandala (not as a pyramidal hierarchy) of full integrity, this Reality Yoga shines Bright in an enveloping True Heart Loving reciprocal relationship wherein the "we of us" are pure (free of taboos, no for or against) transparent vessels of His Divine Self Emergence. His Divine "indifference" to all differences, inherently free of dissociation and abstraction is evidenced! End of ego mummers cultism, true ego transcending Yoga. The errors and illusions of ego-"I" act is transcended in open hearted transparency in Conscious Light where relatedness is transformed into the all inclusive clarifying Reality Truth of Being Context. It is so, now, always already "from the beginning" as seed recognition response direct in Siddha Da Yoga.

This is Bhagavan Adi Da Given Satsang: "His Pattern", Sangha and Sadhana. This is demonstrated as Actualized Prior Unity (True Adidam) by virtue of the right relationship to Him As IS in the root recognition responsive whole bodily Heart Yoga. It will be abundantly Obvious, erasing all doubt, revisions, debate or confusion around the clarity and validity of His Life's Revelation and Instruction Leela and therefor the authenticity of Instrumentality is magnetic. The organizational entities, structures, educational and priestly details of practice, formalities of sacred hierarchy responsible for the inspirational guidance and management (skilfully, artfully, creatively and discriminatively applied and agreed upon) of access to His Treasures as Agency will be inherently ecstatic. Alive as His Pattern: here to ground flowering out and radiant as His Form: His Pattern is His Eternal Omnipresence: always actively Here and everywhere by responsively activated Heart breath, receptively whole bodily manifest Forever In Priorly Present Reality Relationship and Divine Self Revelation Leela. It is then and only then that all of His Gifts of Agency (Treasures) are conformed to Him As He IS. Even as He Said, He had to conform His own Bodily Human Form to the Bright, I AM. To conform the Collective to Him is our Blessed Inheritance.

Avatar of True Heart Compassion and Liberation in all inclusive Conscious Light

Om Da Da Love Ananda Hridayam

Remember, at heart with every breath, this paradoxical esoteric Truth of Siddha Da

I am speaking to everyone when I speak into the tape recorder. There is “nobody there”, except “somebody” with a tape recorder. Why is that? I am not just speaking to whoever is in the room with the tape recorder. I am speaking to everybody, literally. I meditate everybody. I am everybody. And I am speaking to everybody, and not to everybody as egos at all. I am simply Revealing Myself in “everyone’s face”. Adi Da 2008


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