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You Cannot Satisfy Everyone's Expectations

This (see link below) is Adi Da Demonstrating, once again, the essential Reality Consideration that must take place with each and every devotee.

This clarity that each devotee is responsible for, is the artfully established and enabled "unique design" that yields the whole bodily being into effective freeing of energy and attention for most fundamental radical root devotion.

This detailed self-understanding (not repetitive case talk) serves root transcending of the psycho biography of the ego, that is the action of identification, differentiation and desire.

This uniqueness undoes seeking, method and programs proposed by consumer religion business and cultically established hierarchies of authoritative, demands, socially religious expectations, indulgence in ritualized practices and consoling beliefs that support illusions and delusions associated with the first 6 stages of life.

Why? Each and every devotee, no matter what role or service is agreed upon is obliged and held accountable for this uniqueness. This True Love links each and all Directly In Bright Husbanding wherein differences are dissolved, structures become clarified and most auspicious collective organization is True Self Authenticating.

One and Only, Prior Unity, all inclusiveness. True and Real Heart integrity.

Not as the Adidam collective dramatizes cultism still and now, indulging in self possessed assumptions of experiential self indulgent advancement in relationship to a misuse of Adi Da's Person, Presence and Treasures.


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