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2008 Naitauba Island (Adi Da Samrajashram)

It was in 2018, on Naitauba Island, during the October-December Sacred Celebrations and the Tenth Anniversary of Maha Siddha Da’s Mahasamadhi that this letter (see link below) was received by the women who serve the role of sacred authority in the RSO office (not yet as Perfect Practice Sannyasins, yet Graced by their Heart Master as student beginners, as true heroes).

After the reception of this letter, within a short period of time, an unexpected sighting occurred. Quandra Sukhapur came down from the Brightness, to the Gates of His Body Seat, carrying Blessed Prasad, to participate in an occasion of ceremonial worship with numerous devotees from all around the globe. Unexpectedly, spontaneously she hugged Ruchiradama Nadikanta. Could it be possible, this was a new beginning of true devotional intimacy?

This happy auspicious noticing was communicated to me by devotees who were aware of how my heart reached out to theirs In His Brightness Domain in my expressing what many devotees feel and Heart yearn for, fully, whole bodily, Radiated As His Sangha.

Within this period, an unfortunate coinciding occurred amongst Adi Da's Gurukula and Intimates (His Mandala of permutation embodied during His Divinely Culminating Avataric Physical Lifetime). And, then, Klik-Klak, you are back. Unhandled business of human intimacies, discoloured the Celebration of His Accomplishments in His Outshining. These errors of pre-patterned "mistakes" reverberated out into the world, and continue to this day....…


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