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Bursting the Religion Business Cultic Bubble

"When the shell of body-mind is Opened, then the Self-Position

is Realized to Be That of Consciousness Itself.

Only the ball of ego-“I”, presuming to enclose Consciousness,

makes Consciousness seem a “thing”—separate, small, and personal.

In Reality, Consciousness Is Infinitely Large, Perfectly Non-

“different”, Intrinsically egoless, all-in-All.

It is in this sense that Consciousness Itself is “Person”—no more

So or less So than in your own case, if only you Realize “Who” the

Divine Mummer Is.

But, persisting in egoically “self”-identifying with the persona

itself (rather than with the Divine Mummer), you simply move

along—rubbing your “cricket legs” together in your generation,

leaving similar incomprehension behind in your name."

Adi Da from The Aletheon

In Adi Da’s Orpheum Trilogy a main insight He Reveals is how insidious and deceptive the ego act of Evelyn Disc is. Saying this aspect of His Instruction needs to be CONSTANTLY addressed and each and all held to account. In one chapter, Evelyn Disc is speaking to the Great Sage Raymond Darling about his realization of truth. What Evelyn says sounds extraordinary and true! Yet any true devotee would be intuitively Heart Aware of the error and illusions of his confession. Why? No matter what arises, in the first 6 stages of life, these experiences are rooted in the act of egoity. No matter how profound, they are still a dramatization of the “mumming ego act”. The Bright Nature of the “Divine Mummer” has yet to be fully Realized!

Satsang in the Domain of Conscious Light freely grants Reality Discrimination. To grow in this Brightly Gifted intuited feeling awareness of these errors and illusions and revisions, Radical Understanding must deepen through the surrendered response to and IN Siddha Da and His Divine Laws. This requires a great Process of maturing, with many details of responsibility and cooperative accountability for true ego-self-transcending Bright Yoga. The details may become more and more subtle, while the ego act may therefor seem more and more deceptive and the implications more profoundly painful and deluding if allowed to continue. This drama, not addressed, is happening in the collective gathering now. This was (during Beloved’s Lifetime) and still is, one of the most difficult aspects of sadhana in Reality Truth.

Coincident with being Bathed in Love Bliss in Satsang when Siddha Da was here physically,  devotees received constant Criticisms from Beloved Adi Da, while it seemed we had already “given it our all”. Yet He Painstakingly Submitted to Instructing us about the ways in which our devotion was not “radically” aligned to His Bright Being. Many devotees may not want to be in this intense tapas anymore. This was one of the many criticisms SHOUTED by Adi Da before His Mahasamadhi. He indicated that most beings only want the consolations of Bright Blessings and the religion business revisions of His Reality Way. He indicated we had embraced a Vow with Him (the "formal" Sacred Agreement of the direct relationship) that He took seriously. He Needed our true devotion and commitment to Realization, in order to establish a True Renunciate Culture. His consistent Summary Criticism (Radical Argument) is not taken seriously, signed by the continuing mummery revisions governing and guiding the culture today. ( Those who address these errors and do not consent to be subjugated to these revisions are dubbed “crazy dissidents” (entirely untrue) and disrespectfully brushed aside. Formal devotees are instructed to ignore and to not associate with these destructive rebels! It is laughable if it was not so tragic.

This sincerely pains me to have to again write this way. Especially when devotees feel their intentions as being heart true; they still require the Heart’s Shout. I am not expressing an independent un-Loving voice here. This call is occurring publicly here, unfortunately, because no context of privacy has been offered for the essential rightening and reparation to occur. In fact this crucial action is being prevented and ignored while acting as healers, yogis and spiritual practitioners. Simply put, this is hypocritical and is not Adi Da's Bright Heart Way.

Likewise, as many are, I am heart hurt around collective obstructions to Beloved’s Bright Heart and true auspicious service to all beings. It is heart breaking and mind stopping that these mummery motions continue, as dramatized in the recent cultural request to engage the Prayer of Changes. The cultural introduction and the Prayer seems "wonderful" in certain respects. How can this offering not, His Agencies are Active. Yet this guidance contains no acknowledgment of any of what 100’s passionately and with great integrity of Heart ask to be addressed to fuller serve the fullness, strength and integrity of "Adidam" and the collective culture. Making a Lawful response to this True Heart cry would be one of the obvious choices of substance, an auspicious change being enacted. Instead, an abstracted ritualized ceremonial revision of Reality Process is being described, once again.

Bright Siddha Adi Da is no longer here to SHOUT. He would undoubtedly be doing so if He were able. He is doing so (Shouting) through many devotees but it is predominantly falling on deaf ears. Because of the strategy of ignoring the 100’s who question integrity and historical patterned repetition of errors, illusions and violations, it is assumed this heart cry for reparation will go away by being ignored or through revised practice methods and programs. It is assumed that being in His Sacred Domains or in proximity to His Treasures, that belonging or participating, or by association, has integrity and is authentic and tested and proven as Lawful. This is not true. No true foundation has been established and demonstrated yet.

The aggressive dynamic act of conflict and avoidance (by all as the world itself, not different than, as insiders falsely assume) is not being sufficiently addressed in this cultural presentation. This has been the norm since 2008. From what I understand, this kind of detailed criticism and consideration is called “case talk” and "not allowed". Where are the primary and necessary details of self-understanding being demonstrated? I am sure soon there will be a quote that justifies “ignoring” all content! I have actually seen these Words of Instruction! However, His Instruction needs to be fully Considered in all details in the Reality Context of His Direct Person and Authority. Misuse of dharma is unfortunately typical of seekers, a piece meal, pick n choose relationship to the totality of Adi Da’s Bright Reality Process and Instruction. As He described it; "a dog running of with a bone".

As beautiful and powerful as it is, this is another mummery costumed ritual of the Prayer of Changes and of Saint and Ear. No matter how passionate, loving and well heart intended. This Radical Understanding is the crux of Adi Da’s SHOUT. His Radical Argument about the details of ego “I” active drama and patterning is Critical to remain Alive and Active, individually and collectively. These are among the very same matters Adi Da Pointed to to those closest to Him and on out. This is especially true of governance, as never having been held to account by the Culture. This is why, He said, there was no effective linking nor demonstration around Him. It is worse today than when He was physically present. This suits Saint and Ear consumer religiosity of programmed access and methods, cloistered in His “Sacred Domain”.

This reminds me of how indulgent I was and can be in the "pleasure of the Pleasure Dome!" Beloved Adi Da had to Say to me; "Stop hiding out in MY House!". He Gave me this very important Instruction after all of the beautiful very large, old, koi fish in the large waterfalled pond in the Garden of His House, the "Manner of Flowers", unexpectedly died. This broke His Heart once again......most all of these fishes had names (Swami and Fatso for two!) and He hand fed them everyday.

Heart Master Da Love Ananda, of Fear No More Zoo, and "i' on koi pond bridge fed time

Bright Treasures have been stolen from Beloved Bhagavan Da by the points of view in the "mummery duality drama" still being imposed on Him in HIS HOUSE. This is the collective agreement to continue to do so. This has become the RSO Office and LRO Office’s “gathering” (not Adi Da’s) of insiders, allowed for by the general gathering and the rebellious outsiders “giving up” on challenging the status quo and instead creating their own, independent “personal” and independent collective versions and revisions. Neither option is fulfilment of Bright Laws. Not to mention the lack of honesty, straightness with one another in true devotional heart intimacy.

Where are the agreements of actual changes stated in the Prayer? This Prayer simply repeats Beloved’s Words back at Him, asking Him to accomplish this! The Bright is not the doer. Reciprocation response is required; tacit and tangible and enacted. ALL INCLUSIVE. If this was Said to Him Bodily still here incarnate, directly, He would either Say; “fine go and do it and show Me the signs and gifts” or He would kick our asses out of HIS ROOM!

The paradox and conundrum of His SHOUT has been thrown out of this cultural revision of "Adidam". Revised and integrated into the code of “turning” and “sacred hierarchy” as a misinterpretation of His Instructions. Lacking sensitivity to Him and the details of His Radical Argument that enable vessels of true devotee body-minds and the collective to be responsibly receptive to His Emergence and Outshining. FOOLS we are being, to still be doing this. The Law is the Law. Nine Divine Laws. To point this out is regarded as treason of the present hierarchy. This is principally Ruchiradama Sukhapur’s gathering; NOT ADI DA’s. It is therefor, false.

Sacred Domain is “apart from the world”? This is another error here; all arising is always “in the world”. To assume that True Sacred Domain in merely localized, or separate from, while not actually entered into the True and Full Esoteric Reality Way is a gross, subtle or causal act of neglect, abstraction and dissociation of Bright Being, Satsang. We are always incarnate IN THE WORLD, as true devotees the world is recognized as non different and non separate IN Reality Truth. The ego active revised understanding of "other-or", enacts a disposition that is not going to effectively serve profound whole bodily, world change.

The world and Sacred Domain Itself is being abused by this ego asana. Where is true fully human responsibility for C+T=P? Prior Unity? Where is the literal demonstration?

Using Beloved and His Treasures to justify ego active psychosis to continue as “Adidam” as a self indulgent activity, can be likened to an insane asylum. As He Warned us, Submitted to Teach and Instruct us about. He even Prophesied about the error of egoity on His Body. His SHOUT as a Confession of Bright Self Revelation and Instruction is being ignored and hidden and not understood.

It is no wonder there are endless reasons about why the Orpheum Trilogy is being withheld, among other very critical Notes of Instruction. When it is suggested that this is true, there is a defensive righteousness acting as if the formal gathering and Beloved Adi Da are being aggressively attacked. It is painfully embarrassing. Who will do what Beloved repeatedly asked for? Truly set Him apart and conduct access to all of His Treasures Lawfully? He is still imprisoned in the insane asylum by Evelyn Disc and the mummers of Saint and Ear.

Maybe the force of true Prayer (seed heart need and bond always coincident paradoxically) will undo the whole drama in an unexpected way? Yet, pleading “divine ignorance”, false surrender and being inactive is not true yoga or puja. Many do this. Using radical dharma to justify a non response? Serious revisions again. Passing the buck. Not true Siddha Yoga tapas as a true Sangha.

There is undoubtedly true heart yearning and varying degrees of integrity by those embracing this Prayer so this will create an positive upheaval of undoing, if rightly engaged. The Radical Transformative change Adi Da Invoked before His Mahasamadhi is not what is played out today, clearly. The entire gathering is still very cultic, what is actually RADICAL about any of what the Collective is doing today? Radical dharma is not a justification for ego active politics and conflicts being a constant obvious underbelly subplot, while wearing a mask of being a serious religious and spiritual aspirant.

The words and the presentation can “appear” to have heart logic, well crafted, but deceptively hiding so very very much that is required to set the relationship to Beloved right In His Reality Being and Process. The governing devotees and leadership do not practice what is being recommended here. That is the glaringly obvious reason for conflict and lack of trust. This is literally heart sickening, that this is not obvious to all devotees. Thousands in the world view the gathering of devotees with gross negligence of integrity. This ends up targeting Beloved Adi Da.

How can devotees rest at night if this continues as so? Do you realize what is at stake and how urgent it is to effectively and auspiciously and Lawfully address this?

Really, devotees are unaware of this? Seriously and honestly so?

Do devotees feel that these divisive motions are deviously defensive and calculated?

Or are we dealing with literal inability and blind immaturity?

Or the formal gathering and others have dug the hole so deep in the mummery version of “the world” that to do what needs to be undone is just too frightening?

Ego self protection of the lies and violations is what seems to be happening. Actual damage is being done to Beloved’s Person and Work, there is no genuine protection here in these conscious or unconscious mummery motives that are in operation here. This is being played casually, like a game. Using dharma to justify it. It is a heart sickness to do so.

Much of what is being presented here as Cultural guidance is again based on false assumptions, errors and revisions and illusions. His Bright Shout of Divine Argument and Instruction is still being ignored. Bubble bursting? You bet.

Evelyn, as all, are at the top of our ego active destructive game. Look at the world. Can it really be true that the very  few in leadership would likely be unaware of the scam? I know of many in these positions whom I have already spoken to who know full well the games being played. Seriously?

What is produced suits Saint and Ear beginners, however. Cloaked quite well. Very polished. I would not have to say any of this if His Orpheum Trilogy was made the intensive of study for all. Likewise devotees are not being served rightly with His Notes from 2006 to end the of 2008 being withheld and never addressed. Have slippery egos found a way to lock this negligence in place, to be hidden forever? Using His Word of suggestions or directions to justify a protracted process of “no no cannot do”! Or so it seems. Where is Present Time Reality Intelligence being demonstrated here and considered with a qualified gathering and and true renunciate ORDER to govern? What are we, a mummery pattern following the same kinds of actions that will result in similar outcomes caused by the exoteric revisions of True Realizers and Siddhas from all esoteric traditions. True Bright Esotericism lost now and ongoing? True Bright Esotericism cannot be practiced as an experiential gross, subtle or causally bound independent, separate self or bubble or clique or tribe or hierarchy. The longer this charade goes on the more entrenched these violations become.

This is what concerns me the most, bringing Beloved’s Adi Da’s Agencies and Treasures out to all suggesting the Way exists as an authentic Process, through what is meant to be

the formal mechanism of integrity and alignment In REALITY TRUTH. It is not. So the world is being duped. He is being misused. As are His Treasures. As are devotees. As is the world. This has to stop. This would be the most auspicious result of the Prayer. What is not being addressed here is that this cultural offering is the negligence of those offering this guidance. It is all a seeming context, without fidelity to Reality Context.

The necessary enacted action to this Prayer of Changes as a gathering is: “Handle the ugly garbage going on in the underbelly”, “the skeletons in the closet” and “shoes are NOT in order”. This is my service, to keep saying this until the changes actually happen. Only true devotees can enact these changes according to Siddha Da’s Divine Laws. I am not willing to participate in an organization that refuses to be held to account. So yes, falling short too. My own practice and fulfilment of the Laws in direct relationship to Him and His Treasures are being obstructed. I am NOT OK with this at all. It is essential there is True Culture in direct fidelity to His Treasures. I am not OK with going off and doing “my own personal thing” or with a small group alone with Siddha Adi Da, not rightly related to His Treasures of Agency.

This here, dogged ridiculous and annoying compassionate and Loving bark,  is my active enactment of the Prayer of Changes to point this out and ask again for a direct devotional dialog about these errors and revisions. This is not possible to stop. No matter how this is couched there will be complaints. I do not care. This is purposed in fidelity, given the warped realities of these dark time in the world gathering. Where in the Context of integrity being offered to participate in? We are locking one another in the ego act of catch 22, gotcha games. "Game over", as I say to my dogs. They get it. OH right! Direct relationship in trust instead of addictive go fetch or fearful avoidance!

Why are all devotees who understand this not being held to account likewise? Myself included? Actions must be taken, not just ceremonial puja and prayer.

The lack of address to the details of “turning”? Where and how are these details being addressed and held collectively accountable?

The assumption that radical devotion is actually the foundation for REAL? Where is the address to this obvious faux pas?

Where are the lists of what is to be released and the new actions for all devotees to be held accountable for, including governance most especially?

The cultural leadership is consistently misleading devotees and the public in numerous ways. These acts undermine true heart integrity and trust in all and obstructs Siddha Da’s Intervention. If there was a true Priesthood of the Bright, this level of sensitivity would be active and undo this gross superimposition of duality seeming on His Body Seat and on His Sanctuaries, and in relationship to His Treasures.

Is the present culture aware that many of the current formal members will not want to participate in what is offered here and will view this gesture as ludicrous given there is tangible dramatization (by the collective of devotees and within Adidam) of the opposite of what is prayed for? Where is the follow through, testing and proving demonstration? This purification and transformation has yet to happen AT ALL since Siddha Da Mahasamadhi. "Klick klack" still rules in HIS DOMAINS as a wrong relationship to Bright Laws. The primary most significant refusal comes from "the top" error of mummery drama with a passive compliance or active rebellion from all.

Bright Conductivity? In Reality Truth? Right Relationship by all In His House and Room of Sacred Domain? So many skeletons are in the closet of collective ego "I", this is incongruous to radical devotion and true practice altogether. These violations cannot be compartmentalized, or washed head to toe without humanly, devotionally enacted confession and reparation. The RSO Office is being allowed to be under the illusion that this is possible to ignore. Please, vulnerably let go, shields down, take the blindfolds off and earplugs out. Open Eyes of Heart to understand Bhagavan's Process and Purpose, Treasures and devotees have been injured and are literally suffering desecration and neglect, with psycho-physical illnesses as a result, all over the world. Where is the Collective Call relative to true Radical healing and care and compassion and protection?

Ceremonial Prayers, that do address details, and do not remove this necessity or white wash the past and present violations and dramatizations. What are the agreed upon changes in responsibility and self transcending changes relative to individual and collective patterns of ego active Mummery errors and illusions and revisions? Covering all of us?

As much as I would LOVE to shut up and many really want me to shut up and get out of the picture….I will not until there is the Radical Turn About He Asked for. I will only get louder and go into more details through education on this awful, painful, silly but unfortunately necessary blog.

Below is the material I am critically commenting on for educational purposes and as historical accounting. A means to hold to account the mechanisms that refuse this necessity. Please note that If the gathering was Lawfully aligned to Divine Bright Laws, this offering below would be well received at heart with full respect. I am grateful for the services. I am so sorry the errors still need to be addressed.

Resort to The Divine Person in a Time of Great Change

A Calling to all devotees to enter into an intensified period of collective Invocation and Prayer

The global process of all those who are presently turned to Me and Invoking Me is, in and of itself, effectively the Devotional Prayer of Changes. That process is the turning of all the faculties to Me—being steady, Invoking Me, devotionally Communing with Me. Thus, that process is a turning out from (or away from) ego-patterning. When there is such Invocation of Me, and when it is more and more constant, the Prior-Unity-Force of My Person—Reality Itself—is allowed to enter into the sphere of patterns.

… My Own Force of Person – when Invoked by this perpetual Invocation of Me and whole bodily turning to Me – displaces ego-patterns. When people do such Invocation collectively, it displaces the ego-patterns in the collective all.

His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj

“Invoking The Prior-Unity-Force of My Person”

The Sacred Space of Finding Me, p. 249

We are confronted by a world in significant crisis, with no end to the conflicts and controversies in sight. Bhagavan Adi Da’s Instructions about how to respond and what we should do in the midst of this is to turn whole bodily to His Divine Presence and Invoke Him moment-to-moment while establishing and living in truly intimate cooperative sacred culture with one another. Beloved Calls us to greatly economize the time and attention we give to the world while maximizing our time with Him in the Sacred Domain and in service to Him.

The world is spinning out of control, and the Sacred Domain is the only thing that makes that bearable.

Bhagavan’s fundamental Instruction to devotees about how to change the world for the better is to actively participate in the Prior-Unity-Force of His Person – Reality Itself – through perpetual Invocation and prayer. In the Devotional Prayer Of Changes, Beloved Adi Da Accomplishes the positive change which no ego could ever accomplish by him or herself.

Therefore, we urge all devotees to enter into an intensified period of collective Invocation and Prayer.

On Sunday, October 11, Leo Burke will give a presentation titled “Always Maintain Your Sympathy: Resort to The Divine Person in a Time of Great Change”, which will serve fullest participation in our collective Invocation and Prayer. The presentation is accompanied by a recitation slideshow from the Essay “Real Ecstasy”, from The Aletheon, which Ruchiradama Quandra Sukhapur felt was an important orientation to this period of Prayer and Invocation.

We are providing a new Devotional Prayer of Changes that has been offered for Bhagavan’s Blessing at Atma Nadi Shakti Loka. Please enter into this daily prayer of Invocation, individually and collectively, using all the Sacred means Bhagavan has Given.

We also recommend that everyone study Adi Da’s Instruction on the Devotional Prayer of Changes so that it is maximally effective. We include quotes below to inspire, instruct, and as suggested recitations for you to use in puja and study.

In the Essay “Cooperation + Tolerance = Peace”, Bhagavan Makes it absolutely clear that all of humankind must exemplify the positive virtues of goodwill, inclusiveness, tolerance, moral responsibility and a loving and healing disposition – all of which is an urgent calling to devotees to be good company for one another and certainly never enter into divisiveness or other forms of destructive behavior. Bhagavan States:

It is a matter of the greatest present-time urgency that the prevailing global mood of political separatism, end-game competitiveness, and endlessly multiplied divisiveness be immediately and thoroughly and universally and permanently relinquished--such that the entire world-population of humankind becomes universally intelligent with the heart-positive mind of cooperation and tolerance. The only way to solve the current world- situation is for everyone to “lose face – instead of everyone demanding to “save face”. All of humankind should, as a formalized collective, “lose face” together – by acknowledging that, unless human beings live in formally established and formally maintained cooperation and tolerance, they, inevitably, sink into grossly and universally destructive behavior …

Human beings must accept, with humility, that their rightful position (and that of everyone) in the naturally indivisible world-family of Earthkind (including humankind) is not the ego place of prior dis-unity (and thus of separateness, separativeness, domination, and control), but the “heart-place” of prior unity (and thus, of ego-transcending cooperation and tolerance)…

The Formula for World Peace must be embraced as the necessary politics of the future. Cooperation and tolerance is the necessary and exact "price" for peace--the "treaty cost" for the survival of humankind, Earthkind, and Earth itself. This is the necessary "new paradigm" for the human design of future effort.

 “C + T = P: Formula for World Peace”

Not-Two Is Peace, 4th Edition, pp. 99, 101

In love and devotion,

Dina, Teresa, Ineke and Laren, The Cultural Services Division

Devotional Prayer of Changes

The Universal World-Prayer

Beloved, Inmost Heart of every heart,

do not Let our human hearts be broken

by our merely mortal suffering here—

but Make our mortal human hearts break-Free

to an unconditional love of You,

that we may, Thus, love all living beings

with Love’s own True, and Truly broken, Heart.

Beloved Bhagavan, as You have Instructed:

…. You Must Transcend Your Own Apparently individual (or Apparently “personal”) Patterns of conditional Happening and Tendency – but, Beyond This, Your Must Overcome Your Apparently individual Patterns of conditional Happening and Tendency That arise In and As the Form of all “others”.

This Is The True Meaning of Compassion and Love.

This Is What Reality-Enlightenment Inevitably Expresses.

There Is No “private Destiny”, There Is No “personal Righteousness”.

All Are Involved In The Same Reality—Together and Indivisibly.

… Actively (constantly), and in the ego-transcending Manner, Love each and every thing and one – In Me.

Always Actively Be My True Devotee – Always actively Heart Radiating (Through and Beyond all “self”-Contraction) To Me – Even (Thus and Thereby) Allowing Your Own (and entire) body-mind To Be “Brightened” In (and By) Me.

“Feel Love’s Wound”

Always Enact Fidelity To Me, pp. 112-113

Let us surrender and forget the separate “self” in whole bodily devotional communion with You and enter into the Devotional Prayer of Changes.

Beloved Bhagavan Adi Da Samraj,

- May all Your devotees take refuge in Sacred Domain, allowing deepest calm and equanimity in our prayer of Divine Invocation. May we be one-pointedly focused in You, deeply turned to Your Divine Being and Person, and given over into Your Heart-Space of Infinite and Eternal “Brightness”. Collectively, may your devotees form a conduit for Your Divine Blessing Grace into the world for the sake of all.  (Pause)

- May all Your devotees fully incarnate and live cooperative Sacred culture, in devotional Communion with You and service to You and Your Divine Work. May we always be good company for one another – always exemplifying the positive virtues of goodwill, inclusiveness, tolerance, moral responsibility and a loving and healing disposition.

- May all of humankind transcend divisiveness, domination, and all forms of destructive behavior. By Your Grace, may the native human urge to cooperation grow into a transformative collective force that transcends all the polarized points of view of racial, political, religious and cultural prejudice. May all human beings embrace and embody the “heart-positive mind of cooperation and tolerance” for the sake of the survival of humankind, Earthkind and the Earth itself.

- May the Transmission of Your egoless Divine State and Person attract many people to recognition of You and inspire them to become Your formal devotees. May your devotees be transparent instruments and bring You the gifts of their service in the world.

- May our cooperative actions manifest as protection of all of Your Sacred Treasures that You have bestowed on all beings for all time.  (pause)

Let us heart-affirm that no matter what arises, Your Divine Person is Standing at the heart of every being and boundlessly Blessing all from infinitely Above and Beyond all and All.  May we preserve and enable Your Eternal Work, Beloved Master, with all our hearts.

By Your Perfect and Eternal Divine Avataric Grace so it is and so it will be.

Om Sri Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Love-Ananda Hridayam

Avatar Adi Da’s Word of Instruction to Inspire and Instruct,

and for use in daily recitations

The Devotional Prayer Of Changes Is, At Its Foundation, ego-Surrendering, and ego-Transcending Devotional Communion With Me.

Thus and Thereby, The Devotional Prayer Of Changes Is True Participation In The Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, Source-Condition, and Self-State That Is Always Already The Case (and That Always Already Transcends all conditions).

“The Practice of The Rudimentary Devotional Prayer of Changes”

                            The Dawn Horse Testament

“What is the practice I have Given My devotees for the positive changing of conditions? It is the Devotional Prayer of Changes, which is, first of all, ego-surrendering and ego-forgetting devotional Communion with Me. In that Communion with Me, My devotee actively relinquishes and releases all egoic “self”-identification with, and affirmation of, negative (or non-useful) conditions—and My devotee actively affirms, receives, and enacts positive (or useful and right) conditions.

“I Will Be Incarnated Countlessly through My Devotees”,

My "Bright" Form

“. . . the Apparent individual (or Separate psycho-physical person) Cannot, By ego-Efforts (or in and of himself or herself), Directly Affect and Change any or all conditions, Universally—but, By Consistently Surrendering the ego-”I”, and By Rightly Changing mind, emotion, body, and breath, and By Consistently Maintaining the Rightly Changed form (or forms) of mind, emotion, body, and breath, My Devotee Can (By Means Of My Avatarically Self-Transmitted Divine Grace) Serve Me, and Cooperate With Me, and Surrender all beings, forms, processes, and things To Me. And, Thus, By Effectively “getting out of the way” (or Removing The mental, and bodily, and, Altogether, egoic, Obstacles To My Divine Transcendental Spiritual Infusion Of conditional events), and By Generating Entirely Positive and Intensely Auspicious and Profoundly Felt mind-forms (or Even mind-Transcending bodily Invocations Of Me), My Devotee Can Cooperatively Allow Me To Transcendentally Spiritually Pour Into, and To Directly and Newly and Positively Affect and Change, any particular condition (or conditions) At All.”

“True Prayer versus False Prayer”

“The Devotional Prayer of Changes is about participating in devotional Communion with Me—by exercising the faculties in Communion with Me, and transforming the content of the faculties—so that (through devotionally turning to Me and thereby transforming the disposition of the body-mind-"self", and even transforming particular thoughts) you can actually be part of a process of effecting changes in the conditions of life. The Devotional Prayer of Changes is not magic. It is not that you merely do this exercise and then it is guaranteed that everything will be all right, or everything will be as you want it to be, or think it should be, or picture it to be. Rather, the Devotional Prayer of Changes is a Lawful and sane disposition—not neurotic, but Reality-based and esoterically-oriented—a disposition (in the real universe, and in the Divine Reality altogether) that actually does (or, potentially, can) affect phenomena.

"The Devotional Prayer of Changes Is a Disposition

That Can Actually Affect Phenomena"

“Radical” Devotion To Me (or The Devotionally Me-Recognizing and Devotionally To-Me-Responding Turning Of All Four Principal Faculties Of the body-mind-complex To Me) Is Whole bodily Prayer. “Radical” Devotion To Me Is Not Merely Prayer Engaged Via attention, or Via feeling, or Via the body, or Via the breath. “Radical” Devotion To Me Is Not Merely Prayer Engaged Via Any Single Faculty. “Radical” Devotion To Me Is Prayer Engaged Via All Of The Four Principal Faculties—Simultaneously, and In A Comprehensive (or Inclusive and Total) psycho-physical Recognition-Response To Me. And, Because All The Principal Faculties Of the body-mind-complex Are (Thus) Made Into The Total Event Of Whole bodily Prayer, “Radical” Devotion To Me Is Not Merely The Prayer Of Requests—Uttered By the mind, and To The Presumed Divine “Other”, and For The Sake Of the egoic body-mind-complex (or the Separated, and Compartmented, ego-”I”).

“Radical” Devotion To Me Is Total Prayer. “Radical” Devotion To Me Is The Intrinsically ego-Transcending Devotional Prayer Of Divine Communion. “Radical” Devotion To Me Is The Total psycho-physical Process Of Divine Samadhi—The Prayerful Devotional Process Of Intrinsically ego-Transcending, and (Always) mind-Transcending, and (Always) Total-body-mind-Surrendering Whole bodily Communion With Me (In and As My Avatarically-Born Bodily Human Divine Form and Person).

The Dawn Horse Testament

Ultimately, the Presence of Real God must be Named. You should observe this tangible Effect of My Divine Presence. You will observe reactions also—but, fundamentally, over time, observe the fact that people worldwide are responding to a tangible presence.

At first, My Divine Presence will be Nameless. But, eventually, you will be able to tell everyone My Name.

“Mark My Words”,

Spoken Communications from January 1, 1984

Da Is the Perfect Silence of Transcendental Spiritual Thunder.

Da Is the Prior-Unity-Force That Always Priorly and Totally Dissolves all dis-unity, all non-unity, all “difference”. . . .

When I Speak of the “Sound of Da”, I am Speaking a Metaphor for Non-”difference”, for Conscious Light Itself, for the “Emergence” of the Divine “Bright” Spherical Self-Domain As the Room of Existence Itself, rather than the (otherwise presumed) ego-”world” of bondage.  

The Aletheon

Recommended Recitations for Puja and Study

From The Aletheon:

· “Real Ecstasy” (pp. 513-527)

· “The Universal Divine Avataric Process of Me” (pp. 1785-1792)

· “There Is A Way – And Reality Itself Is It” (pp. 1797-1808)

· “The Surrender-Response” (pp. 1825-1828)

· “The Boundless Self-Confession” (pp. 1885-1925)

· “I Have Come To Found A Bright New Order of Global Human Kind” (p. 1927)

From Conductivity Healing:

· “The Practice of The Rudimentary Devotional Prayer of Changes”,  (pp.189-191)

From My "Bright" Form:

· "I Will Be Incarnated Countlessly through My Devotees" (pp. 509-516)

From Not-Two Is Peace:

· “Humankind Is Literally One Family “ (p. 95)

· “No Enemies” (p. 243)

· “I Am Here To Awaken A Bright New Age of Global Humankind” (page 317)

· “What Is No “point-of-view” Is  all-and-All” (p. 313)

· “Something New Must Emerge” (p. 323)

· “C + T = P: Formula for World Peace”, (pp. 99-101)

From The Sacred Space of Finding Me:

· “True Prayer versus False Prayer” (pp. 221-226)

· “I Am The Prayer of My True Devotees” (pp. 236-237)

· “The Devotional Prayer of Changes Is a Disposition That Can Actually Affect Phenomena” (pp. 238-242)

· “The Principle of Good Company” (p. 347)

· “The Devotional Prayer of Changes Is Your Participation In My Divine Avataric Blessing-Work” (pp. 243-248)

· “Invoking The Prior-Unity-Force of My Person” (pp. 249-251)

Further Study on the Devotional Prayer of Changes is available in the Adidam Academy Sessions 367-369, here:

Remember, at heart with every breath, this paradoxical esoteric Truth of Siddha Da

I am speaking to everyone when I speak into the tape recorder. There is “nobody there”, except “somebody” with a tape recorder. Why is that? I am not just speaking to whoever is in the room with the tape recorder. I am speaking to everybody, literally. I meditate everybody. I am everybody. And I am speaking to everybody, and not to everybody as egos at all. I am simply Revealing Myself in “everyone’s face”. Adi Da 2008


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