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Conscious As Radiant Water-Pleasure Dome

"All mere ideas are as an illusion of weather — or a "localization" of separately "objectified" (or merely apparent) natural water. Reality Itself Is As An Absolute Rain — or A Perfect Universalization of The Inherently Perfect (and Perfectly Indivisible) Self-Unity of The One True Water Itself. The only-by-Me Revealed and Given Reality-Way of Adidam Is The Absolute Rain of Reality Itself."

Avatar Adi Da Samraj (The Aletheon)

Adi Da (1996):

"So I’m not here to suggest idealistic poetic notions about religion. It is a most profound, concrete matter, and I have no fairy notions about anything whatsoever. If you want to know what to do, I can tell you exactly. If you want to know what to change, and how to change it, and what the Law is, I can tell you exactly. If you don’t like the fact that I know it all and can tell you that, and you want to figure it out yourself, I’ll see you later. [laughter]

Why would you want to resist Me? If you find Me out, then I’m here altogether for your good, and have some really interesting happy ideas for things you can do right away. So straighten out your act. Of course, I’m not suggesting that you just take everything you do with feeling and the senses and sex and all the rest of it and make a Pleasure Dome out of that. 

No I’m suggesting you make a Pleasure Dome, or Calling you to make a Pleasure Dome, on the basis of My Instruction and your relationship to Me altogether. So it’s not a matter of just going and casually indulging your limitations relative to these things. It’s a matter of engaging it all in an utterly and profoundly different way.

But there’s nothing puritanical about it, nothing even moralistic about it. It’s not about a problem. It’s just about rightness itself, Happiness Itself, well-being itself. Are you suggesting to Me that there are human beings who aren’t interested in that?"...

"I Am She. I Am Whole and One, not Consciousness apart, but Self-Radiant, inherently One with what is traditionally called the Shakti, or the Mother-Force, or She.

The exclusion of That is not in the Way I’ve Given you. The acceptance of it and the principle of the heart, of feeling, and the Law of conforming the realm of the senses pleasurably to Me-that is the Yoga of this Way.

So you want to talk and figure it out, and “blah-blah-blah-blah-blah” in male-like fashion. But if you erected a Pleasure Dome on the lawn here, you’d still tend to be talking bullshit to one another over your sugar-free colas. Ready to be very busy there, in meditation and puja.

In right life – all on the silk seat, the kusha grass, the seat

in a well-made place, only occasional peacocks. Temperate, not mere hot, yang. Not mere cold, yin. But temperate in that combination, or mutual embrace, in Communion with Me."


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