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Divinely Purposed Prior Unity Pattern

For all of the true innocents and generations to come:

"The ancient Teaching about the Divine Person is Truth. The ancient Teachings of Great Masters were also authentic communications, in their own time, of various levels of human Intuition of the Divine Reality. But only the Living and Eternal God is the very Truth. And that One confronts all of mankind, even in this hour.

Bright Swami Da Love Ananda 1986 with Gurukula daughters, soon to be Brahmacharinis

True Sacred Prayer and Puja in Da Satsang is not for the presumed separate self or merely for "personal" Bright Blessings. Reality Realization and Renunciation is absolutely essential for Siddha Da Yoga. HIS BRIGHT PURPOSE is to save this world from ego self destruct. The Treasures He left to humankind now need most urgently to be governed and managed by such a true devotee ORDER. The accountable maturity and signs required to serve the Divine Avataric Purpose of Siddha Da's Life Submission have yet to be authenticated as He Instructed them to be. Thorough testing and proving demonstration, through accountable participation in True Radical Culture is required. Only what "we" as a Bright Collective do, self rightening and self organizing, AWAKE in Prior Unity, intrinsically egoless AS the True Foundation of His Heart Way, enables this reciprocated gift. To assume a True Culture exists that is effectively serving His Fullness of Purpose, is an error in root devotion and submission into Satsang wherein Radical Understanding and Divine Self Revelation Awakening occurs. This error of right Radical Relationship in Bright Satsang urgently needs to be gone beyond, Collectively. The Collective must require a thorough process of authenticating the governing and leadership devotees who now function independent of Collective accountability. These devotees unlawfully presume the sole power and ownership of extending Bright Authority, conducting access to and control of all Forms of Agency. The mechanisms that Bhagavan Da Established for this form of accountability and authentication of integrity do not exist.

These obvious revisions (consistently made obvious by Siddha Da Himself) were being unabashedly brought into the gathering of devotees with greater ego cyclical force after Da Bright Mahasamadhi. Being done for ego self serving purposes of the first 6 stages of life, including attachments, to preserve past forms of ego patterned intimacy with Siddha Da. Allowing visible status, and a senior role, with misguided support and protection further entrench and perpetuate ego patterns that allow a very important governing function and structures of authority to be enacted erroneously and counterproductively. These self imposed illusions are occurring because of a lack of maturity and accountability in submission and ensuing self understanding Awakened IN Siddha Da's True Heart Husbanding Means. His FIRST DIVINE LAW has not been fulfilled in sufficient self rightening and self organizing numbers to counter the continuing institutionalization of Siddha Adi Da in His all inclusive World Work. Therefore, the vision and fashion in which Bright Adi Da's Work is being governed is extremely narrowed, with only one devotee assuming a governing role, self appointed, without accountability. I am going to be so bold as to say, you Quandra Sukhapur have absolutely no right to do this, clearly you and those who support you are seemingly unaware of the negative implications of the egoic insistence enacted. Being in His Sacred Domains does not make you immune to these violations. WAKE UP!

I was likewise and can tend to be independently self indulgent in the "pleasure of the Pleasure Dome!" Beloved Adi Da had to Say to me; "Stop hiding out in MY House!" After another very intensive "emotional sexual reality consideration in the late 90's He Gave me this very important Instruction. This coincided with all of the beautiful very large, old, koi fish in the large waterfalled pond in the Garden of His House, the "Manner of Flowers", unexpectedly died. This broke His Heart once again......most all of these fishes had names such as Swami, Diamond Back, Sharky and Fatso! Bhagavan Da hand fed them everyday. They, as devotees, were beings Awakening IN His New Order-Maha Purusha Puja with non humans; now "gone" from here, once embodied, auspiciously coinciding IN His Bright Murti Form. Too many devotees that Bright Siddha Da Bodily Worked with have passed, are unwell and growing old, some traumatized, in need of true healing and guidance, most especially Bright Loving human embrace. Our full Collective submission into our Awakened inheritance of Bright Recognition reciprocation and responsibility is now urgent.

Heart Master Da Love Ananda, IN Fear No More Zoo, and "i' on koi pond bridge, feed time

Nothing here, in this mind made conditional realm is sufficient for the Heart. No amount of Blessing Grace that "betters" life is sufficient. Always remember: "Truly Prior" knows no opposite, as is the same for "True Bliss". This is another Lesson I received from Adi Da as we were "blissfully together" in the deep ocean waters on a very crystal clear day. I was however gloating and floating in the pristine waters off Kauai Island, instead of reciprocally gifting a response of recognition in Bright Satsang. I said "!ah bliss!" aloud for Beloved Da to hear me, enjoying the pristine waters. He Said "!Bliss knows no opposite!", quite forcefully. Never forgotten, as His Words reverberated through my whole being, pierced my heart and the surrounding salty, cool, supportive, healing waters. Self indulgent use of His Company. Not a recognition responsive gift of an Awake true devotee. I also knew it was entirely OK to be enjoying the moment, but yes I missed THE POINT of Being IN Satsang at that moment!

This Radical Understanding transcends all mind, attention, relatedness as experiential bodily phenomenon, without dissociation from full AWAKENING in openly enlightened Reality embodiment. If any kind of conditional phenomenon is sufficient in any way...this is a sign of a lack of sensitivity to and IN Bright Heart Yoga. Therefor this Collective Call for rightening as Puja and Prayer needs synchronous address to "action and inaction" as Prior Unity Love-Bliss. The radical root understanding of non dual "indifference", direct, open unqualified relationship where ego active errors, as Gifted IN His Revelation of Self and Lessons, are gone beyond and dissolved! Nothing changes most auspiciously for His World Purpose as servant-hero devotees otherwise.

Recognition responsive relationship is consistently agreed upon and the only obviously responsible action (not waiting for signs of experience to validate or guide), collectively purposed for His World Transformative Work. There are always errors to actively address, release, righten, realign in the Awakened Space of Satsang, where radical devotion matures and deepens recognition responsive reception of Outshining Grace and Transmission.

Yes yes yes! When the "formal" organization and the devotee gathering all Heart Coincide in true all inclusive active surrender, all faces, roles irrelevant and necessarily lost, as non dual Bright Prior Unity Pattern, His post Mahasamadhi "Guru Function" as a Cooperative Collective Sign will be obvious. First signs of which will be no conflict, but C+T=P. This includes governing, leading, insiders, outsiders too ALL surrender in True Subordination to and IN Reality Being.

BTW: Bhagavan Adi Da Said: human maturity, in prior unity, that demonstrates C+T=P is required prior to entering Student Beginner Practice! Read this sentence over again to succinctly understand the implications of this Instruction in evaluation of our collective demonstration!!!

This IS NOT YET the present collective asana. No matter how much time is wasted waiting for signs.....this will not happen through the embrace of the arms of practice and prayer alone. This is a Conscious Light choice, a Reality Intelligent responsibility, a sign of radical devotion. Not-Two Is Peace IS True Foundation Culture. Then and only then will His Accomplishing Power be humanly transformative and effective. Present Governance and leadership and participants do not collectively understand this and agree that a full turnabout is required. TRUE turning out of old patterns, past errors, 6 stages worth of mummery enactment that Adi Da submitted to Instruct about until His Body Fell off. All the while, Bright Avataric Revelation submitted to a humanly embodied Form, Siddha Da Love Ananda Leela.

See below an excerpt from "The Bodily Location of Happiness" published in 1982

Bright Maha Purusha Da :

"The Law of Divine Association must be fulfilled first, and than all the laws of action, cause and effect, association, or relationship may be ordered on the basis of that Divine Association. ***** Every human being must be made sensitive to the chaos in which he or she is living at the present time. People are tormented and confused, and most people can acknowledge the confusion of their lives. To such people, who are therefore sensitive to the quality of ordinary experience, the message of the Way that I Teach, the message of this Communion, is salvatory and liberating. But people who have not also coincidentally been made sensitive to the hellish chaos of egoic experience cannot respond to the saving message of this Teaching. We cannot just go into the world with a smiling, middle-class message that you can be consoled by mere belief. Our Communion must establish in people a feeling that the usual life is suffering. On the basis of that realization, men and women can respond to what is liberating. The Appearance of the Spiritual Master in this world is the sacrificial embodiment of the Divine Consciousness, or the “Purusha,” as it is named in the Hindu tradition. Such a life is Divine, but it is also paradoxically associated with all the limitations of human existence. I entered this world without dissociation from the Divine Conscious Being, the Great Purusha, the ultimate Divine, but I have also been given all the limits of human experience. The force of the Divine Consciousness keeps me Awakened and transforms the process of life as I live it, but I must also suffer the limitations of born existence in the process. I have suffered a human lifetime as if I were unenlightened. This is how the Purusha breaks through space-time and into human time, by taking up precisely the limitations, even the unconsciousness and the un-Enlightenment, of the human individual. Yet the force of the Realization of the Divine is so profound that the ordinary destiny of the human individual or incarnation is constantly undermined and his or her limitations transcended to the point that suddenly the same human being, with full consciousness, Realizes that he is the Purusha. Such a Realization is given occasionally in human time, and such is my own Realization. I was born Franklin Jones, on Long Island, but the process of my existence has yielded a more and more profound Awakening that I am God, that I am the Purusha. The Divine Being in the form of the Spiritual Master is Transfigured during this lifetime and Awakens to his or her Divine function. Likewise, every individual, every devotee, Awakens, through right relationship to that One, to the ultimate destiny and to the God-Realizing process of existence. God does the work of the Spiritual Master, God creates the lifetime of the Spiritual Master, and God is Awakening as the Spiritual Master. The birth of the Spiritual Master is extraordinary! The Divine Conscious Being appears in the world with the same limitations with which all other beings are born, yet such an individual is more and more profoundly Awakened with full consciousness of the Divine Truth that “I am that One.”

The ordinary devotee does not Awaken at birth with that consciousness. Only God, the Divine Conscious Being, Awakens with that consciousness in the plane of human beings. The devotee Awakens to the Divine at last through surrender, yes-this is the Great Secret of the Way of Truth, the Way that I Teach.

***** You must understand that the unique status of the Spiritual Master is not given for his own sake. The Spiritual Master is not a human being with a superior egoic consciousness that he or she is God. The ego of such a one is destroyed, transcended in the process of his or her lifetime. The situation of the Spiritual Master is not as you might imagine. You may be thinking: “We all know you are not suffering like us! We poor bastards are the ones who are suffering you’ve got it made!” Well, such thinking is not true at all. The lifetime of the Spiritual Master is only sacrifice, and therefore more a torment than the lifetime of the ordinary soul. Read the biographies of the great Spiritual Masters. They all tell the same story of a life that is terrible in some ways, a life in which frequently they are exploited and rejected, and in which they are under the constant threat of domination by worldly and negative forces. Such individuals are always dealing with great forces, not just mastering their rejection by human beings, but tussling with demoniac energy. Such is also the case in my lifetime! What you see in my lifetime is the biography of the Divine Being. This is how the Divine Being must live among human beings. People who are not truly devotees often feel that they must become like the Spiritual Master, that they must have the status of the Spiritual Master. Such people envy the Spiritual Master, and they will not surrender to him. They only want from him a token, a bit of magic, that will somehow make them like he is. But understand this: No un-Enlightened soul wants to be in the position of the Spiritual Master! If you understood my constant experience, you would not envy it-nor could you endure it! One must be Helped by great Divine Power in order to endure the events associated with such a unique life, in order to pass through such events with a clear understanding of what they are as a Divine Process. Only the Divine has the power to endure the complete revolution of consciousness. Only the Divine has the power to confront the entire play of manifest existence and master all the forces to which beings are subject. The Spiritual Master engages those forces in actual warfare, whereas devotees in general perceive the same forces to be the play of their natural experience. The devotee does not struggle with the power that produces weather or with the physics of light personified as self-conscious beings, although the devotee is also somehow involved in the same play. The Purusha, the Divine, is the victorious Warrior, the Master of all life. The Spiritual Master is the Divine Incarnation that makes possible the true spiritual process, through the alignment of others with him. How great is the effect of any incarnation of the Divine Consciousness is to be seen. It has occurred before and produced great results of a kind, though short-lived. It has been followed by the forgetting of the One who lives and breathes us and by the return to the corruption of the laws or principles of human life, the forgetting of the ultimate Law, the forgetting of all of the actions and ceremonies of life that produce good effects and that align Man to God with blessing. The Spiritual Master, the Purusha, comes again and again to reveal the design of human destiny to devotees."

See below a link to the full excerpt published on The Beezone Library

Chapter 20

Knee of Listening


Bhagavan Adi Da:

"I would find a new order of men (and women)

who will create a new age of sanity and joy.

It will not be the age of the occult, the religious, the scientific or technological evolution of men.

It will be the fundamental age of real existence,

wherein life will be radically realized

entirely apart from the whole history of our adventure and great search.

The age envisioned by seekers is a spectacular display

that only extends the traditional madness,

exploitability and foolishness of mankind.

But I desire

a new order of men (and women)

who will not begin from all of that

but apply themselves apart from all dilemma and all seeking

to the harmonious presence of real existence.

I am equally certain

that such a new order of men (and women)

must arise as a force in the world

in the present generation

or else

this world must suffer

the karma of dissolution."

See below a link to Chapter 20: The Wisdom of Understanding (1971)

published on The Beezone Library

Remember, at heart with every breath, this paradoxical esoteric Truth of Siddha Da

I am speaking to everyone when I speak into the tape recorder. There is “nobody there”, except “somebody” with a tape recorder. Why is that? I am not just speaking to whoever is in the room with the tape recorder. I am speaking to everybody, literally. I meditate everybody. I am everybody. And I am speaking to everybody, and not to everybody as egos at all. I am simply Revealing Myself in “everyone’s face”. Adi Da 2008


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